How you’ll benefit from replacing your exterior doors

Your exterior doors play an integral role in energy efficiency, security, curb appeal, and home value. If there is damage to your existing door, or if you’re ready to make an improvement to your home, a new exterior door has many benefits. GreenFox Windows & Doors sells high-quality doors in Calgary that are built here in Alberta, specifically for our climate. Here’s why you should update your home’s exterior doors.

Increased security

Increased security is an important reason to upgrade your old door to a newer model. Materials like fibreglass and steel are extremely robust, durable, and secure. Both are much harder to manipulate or break into and can be customized with even more security measures. Newer doors that are built to last will also mean that security is a guarantee for years. Even if newer methods of protection come up, your new door can just be outfitted with upgraded hardware instead of requiring a replacement.

Boosts efficiency 

Next to windows, doors in Calgary play a big role in energy efficiency and preventing heat and cool air loss. Many old doors models aren’t built to meet newer energy efficiency standards, which can mean you could be losing money from higher energy bills. New models are built with high-quality materials and are insulated to reduce energy loss and improve home comfort. With professional installation, your new Alberta-made exterior doors will be airtight and draft-free.

Enhanced curb appeal

There are many ways to update or boost your home’s curb appeal, including the front entry door. Choosing a stylish door with different features is a great way to dress up the look of your home. Different styles of panelling, colours, installing side lites, or picking a sleek material like a steel door will all boost appeal. For a classic wood look, materials like fibreglass can easily mimic the look of a wood door without high maintenance requirements. There’s also the option to paint your new front door with a snazzy, eye-catching colour to really make it pop. With a door replacement, you have endless possibilities for curb appeal improvements. Check out this article for front entry door ideas.

Increase home value

A front door replacement alone will add value, which will only go up depending on the style and materials you choose. A replacement is a guarantee of security, durability, and appeal that will last. If you are planning to sell, it’s a great selling point to potential buyers who will appreciate the value of a new door.  As with any major home installation, trust a professional Calgary door company to do the job correctly and maximize the benefits of your investment.

Guaranteed quality

GreenFox Windows and Doors offers fibreglass and steel options that will boost security, appeal, value and more. Their professionals can also help when it comes to finding the right look and style for your home. Each door style can offer different benefits, so you want to be completely sure of your choice. With GreenFox professionals by your side, you will have complete peace of mind with your replacement.

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