Ideas for planning a high-end kitchen renovation

An upscale kitchen renovation is an investment in your home. Creating your dream kitchen, the heart of the home can be just as daunting as it is exciting to plan and design. That’s why knowing some must-have designs will help with ensuring that perfect renovation.

RTA Contracting in Calgary is a professional and full-service renovation company. They share some must-have designs for your high-end kitchen renovation:

Add in some architectural touches

Don’t feel limited to thinking that sprucing up your kitchen walls means just a new coat of paint or colour. Instead, focus on the little details to help add design and leave an impression. If your kitchen has a doorway, add some texture to the framework to add elegance as you enter the space. If you love tiles, choose an accent wall and add a tiled mural for a stunning focal feature. Try lighting as another way to add some architectural class and a touch of “wow” factor. Pendant lights above a kitchen island are ideal as both task lighting and a lighting feature. Adding these details to your design is something RTA Contracting will help you with.

Choose natural stone countertops

When you do a high-end kitchen renovation, you need a new countertop that’ll match the transformation. In this case, you won’t go wrong with choosing a beautiful natural stone countertop. Marble, granite, and quartz are all highly popular and stunning choices. Granite offers a range of different colours, while marble adds pure elegance to your kitchen. Quartz as well is durable and very easily customizable in design and colours.

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to factor in your culinary needs. Do you want a feature countertop or one with lots of prep space? If you love to bake, then marble is a perfect surface for bakers. Quartz is a winner across every board for beauty, function, and easy maintenance. Or, if you can’t decide, choose two kinds! One for the kitchen island and another for the rest of your countertops. You’ll get twice the beauty and benefits without having to choose.

Customize your cabinets for you

Major renovations will transform your kitchen from floor to ceiling, so don’t leave out those old cabinets. Not only are cabinets there for functional storage space, but they also play a big role in the visual field. When you update your cabinets, choose styles that will make an impression. Ceiling cabinets, for example, will create a striking sense of height and grandeur. Wood cabinets are a classic choice and offer an ageless beauty, befitting any kitchen. For a mix of modern and classic, incorporate glass doors in some of your cabinets. When it comes to colours, draw on the tones of your countertops to either complement or match. Need some more ideas? Take a look at these beautiful cabinet ideas and designs.

Don’t forget those custom features 

Finally, think of what custom features and additions you want for yourself. Have you always wanted a built-in wine cooler? Or an eye-catching chandelier? Take the chance now to plan those features and add them in. If a smart kitchen is what you want, knowing how to incorporate it will help with the planning and application. A plan will also help with preparing the right budget to support your dream renovation. High-end renovations are a big investment, but a well-planned one will be without compromise and well worth the cost.

General Contractors in Calgary

Turning homes into dream homes is the specialty that RTA Contracting is proud to provide. They believe in quality service and open communication to ensure the perfect renovation process. From home renovations, new decks, basement development, and more, RTA Contracting can help with it all. Whether inside or out, they are the company to call to transform your home.

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