Importance of an Exterior Paint Job

There are many benefits to painting your homes interior. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to completely upgrade your home, giving it a fresh new look. Exterior paint can also improve aesthetics and curb appeal but it has another very important job to do: protecting your house from the outdoor elements.

Why is exterior paint is so important?

Hiring a painter for exterior painting services ensure that your property’s exterior is well protected. Remember that your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to harsh winds, rain, snow and the even the beating sun. All of these elements can compromise the integrity of your wood trim and siding, especially if it is unprotected.

If you’re selling your home, curb appeal can make a huge difference on how long your house sits on the market and the kind of offers you get.  If your home is looking worn out and tired, a fresh exterior paint job can give it the face lift it needs to attract potential buyers and move it off the market.

Choosing a colour scheme for your exterior paint job.

This is the fun part! Your newly painted home will stand out on the block, attract potential buyers if your house is on the market and your colour choices will also reflect your personal taste and character. Newer neighbourhoods might have architectural guidelines and limit your paint choices, but mature neighbourhoods will not. Choose a colour that matches the architecture and style of your home, something that will not go out of style quickly and that you’ll always love coming home too. View these inviting home exterior paint colour ideas.

Tip: Choose contrasting colours for your walls and trim. If you have a light neutral wall colour, a darker trim can create a striking and attractive look. A white or cream coloured trim can do the same if your house colour is darker.

Hire professional painting company.

There’s a little more to it than just slapping on another coat of paint! Calgary’s best painters will ensure that your outdoor surfaces are properly prepared so that the paint’s finish will look great and be long-lasting. Failing to properly prepare the walls, using the wrong paint or the wrong tools could result in peeling paint, old paint showing through and your home not getting the protection it needs.

Plus, painting your home’s exterior can be a dangerous job if you don’t have the right equipment. Paint companies in Calgary will have the right ladders, scaffolding and tools to reach higher heights safely and to make sure everything is painted properly. Attempting a DIY exterior paint job could give you poor results and you’ll be putting yourself at risk for a fall or injury.

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