Inspecting Your Roof Before Winter

Inspecting Your Roof
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Summer has turned to fall and it won’t be long before the snow flies…and accumulates in great quantities on your roof!  Is your roof ready for the challenge?  When is the last time you really looked at it?  Fall is a great time to give your roof a good inspection, make any repairs or even replace the roof completely if it’s no longer up-to-snuff.

Checking from the inside

Go into your attic with a flashlight and look for:

  • Outside light visible through the roof
  • Dark trails and spots
  • Signs of leaking or water damage
  • Places where the roof deck is sagging.

Checking from the outside

When you are inspecting your roof from the exterior, pay attention to things like rotting, buckling, blistering, curling, missing shingles, and damaged flashing.

  • Visually inspect your roof for missing, bald, torn or cracked shingles.
  • Check the roof for loose wear around chimneys or loose material, pipes, vents or other openings.
  • Check for huge amount of shingle granules in the gutters. This is an obvious sign of severe damage.
  • Look for signs of mold, rot or moisture. Remember, the wet spots may not be visible under your damaged shingle. Water can move down to its lowest spot before it drops. Bacteria, fungi and mold can quickly grow- with a day or two of a water related issue.
  • Check the drainage, and ensure downspouts and gutters are effectively attached. Also, make sure all drains are open and allow proper flow of water. Also, check that there is no debris in the downspouts and gutters.

If you would like more information you can read this informative article “Time for a New Roof?” on the RenovationFind blog.  If it is time for roofing repair and replacement, contact roofing contractors off of the trusted directory.


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