Is your home renovation worth the cost?

Upgrading your home can be a significant investment. Some types of renovations provide a higher return on that investment than others. Before you renovate, determine the reason why. If you’re renovating to sell your home at a higher price, the decisions might differ from renovating a forever home.

T.A.R.F. Homes in Vancouver offers premium home renovation and building services to the Lower Mainland. They share some information that will help you determine the goals and outcome of your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations have good ROI

Kitchen renovations are popular home renovations and have good payback. A minor kitchen renovation can recover 77.6% of its cost at resale. For a high-end, luxury kitchen renovation, the amount recouped is lower at 58.6%. This data is collected annually from Remodeling Magazine. No matter what, you’ll add value to your home with a kitchen renovation.

A midrange bathroom renovation will recover about 64% of its cost at resale. An upscale bathroom remodel can recoup 54.7% and a brand new bathroom addition slightly less than that.

Upscale renovations recoup less of the cost because buyers are less willing to pay more for your high-end finishing choices. They’ll appreciate an updated, functional, and modern home. However, it might not make a difference at resale if you choose the most expensive materials.

Renovate to sell or renovate to improve your lifestyle?

That’s why it’s essential to renovate based on your current needs and goals. If you want to recover the cost at resale, choose cost-effective and attractive finishings. Choose colours schemes and materials that appeal to the masses. Make sure they won’t go out of style any time soon.

If you want to create the kitchen of your dreams, splurge on the countertops, flooring, tile, and custom cabinetry you’ve always wanted. Be as unique as your imagination will let you. T.A.R.F. Homes can help you create a kitchen design you’ll love. If you’re renovating a forever home, the return on investment regarding lifestyle value is very high.

An experienced general contractor can help

The quality of the work plays a significant role in the renovations return on investment. While high-quality workmanship can help boost resale value – low quality can diminish it. Whoever you hire for your major remodel needs to have experience and knowledge. Hiring a reputable contractor will ensure correct installation, attention to detail, and flawless results. Without these skills, you might have to pay to fix the amateur renovation job.  

A company like T.A.R.F. Homes will ensure your dreams for your home become a reality. They are experienced, skilled, and highly-trained professionals. They can help bring up the value of your home and improve your lifestyle with the perfect renovation.

General Contractors in Vancouver

T.A.R.F. Holdings provides premier customer service. They are committed to delivering unparalleled workmanship on every project. They offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost-effective work.

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