Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2021

Tired of your same old kitchen? The new year is a great excuse to get your kitchen looking new and improved. The possibilities for your kitchen space are endless. Here are a few kitchen renovation ideas for 2021, from the contractors at Roadhouse Homes in Vancouver

New backsplash

Backsplash may seem like a minor component of your kitchen, but it can make all the difference. Backsplash can add a pop of colour, neutralize your kitchen, or include a pattern your kitchen may be lacking. There’s no shortage of materials available. A lighter and darker colour combination can be used to create a unique design to add character to your kitchen. If you’re looking for a small start to make changes to your kitchen, consider changing the backsplash. 

Multi-level islands

A kitchen island is a great centerpiece to your kitchen. Some homeowners are taking the design process further, and installing a multi-leveled island. This can make it easier to include a breakfast bar, to have a separate space for food preparation and eating. It’s also done with different colours on each level of the island to add depth to your kitchen. 

Custom cabinets

Whether it means tearing down some or all of your cabinets, choosing custom cabinets combines function and appearance. Custom cabinets improve the overall look of your kitchen, as they can be tailor-made to fit your vision. Plus, the interior of the cabinets is up to you too. They can come in different forms, like plate racks or cabinets to display different decor or kitchenware, and the design possibilities are limitless! Custom cabinets will fit your needs and look great in your new kitchen space. 

Explore new colour schemes

There are so many different colour schemes out there, each creating a different feel for your kitchen space. Neutral colours can make your kitchen feel more modern. A pop of colour can make the space feel more contemporary. Wooden materials and warmer colours make your kitchen appear cozier, and more inviting. One way to decide on a colour scheme is to choose a colour you like or an object you want your kitchen to be centered around. Give your kitchen a facelift with a new colour scheme! 

Major Renovations in Vancouver

Roadhouse Homes has more than two decades of experience building and renovating luxury homes in Vancouver, BC. Their team has developed long-standing and solid relationships with trades and suppliers. With that experience, they build sustainable homes that are specific to their clients’ needs and lifestyles. As a “diverse-thinking” builder, Roadhouse Homes constructs additions, laneway homes, outdoor kitchens, garages, or additional levels to your home. 

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