Landscape Feature to Enhance Your Yard

Two landscaping features that can really add to your landscape design are water features and well-designed landscape lighting. Lawn ‘N’ Order in Winnipeg offers landscape design, installation and maintenance. They share more information about these landscape enhancements:

Water Features

When it comes to water features, you have some options. Choose from a simple fountain, bubbling stream, tranquil waterfall and/or even a large pond with fish in it! You can add plants, rocks and other landscape features to create a natural oasis right in your backyard.

If you want something more compact and affordable, consider water features like a pond-free waterfall. This small waterfall cycles the water back up to the top of the falls. They accommodate water features of any size and complexity. Another option is a bubbling rock fountain or a balsam rock feature. These are small fountains that can be a stunning focal point in your garden or on the patio.

DIY water feature installation projects are not recommended. You need a seasoned professional to install it, as it’s more complicated than you think. Lawn ‘N’ Order are water feature experts. They will ensure your pond, fountain or waterfall is installed efficiently and correctly. Without proper skimmers, filtration and pump installation, you could run into some problems. Over time your water feature will require maintenance. Lawn ‘N’ Order can help you with that too!

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has a practical function but can really improve aesthetics of your outdoor space at night. Outdoor lighting can illuminate walkways and driveways, so you can safely navigate around your yard. It can also add a cozy ambiance around your living spaces like your patio or deck. Accent lighting can be used to create beautiful focal points in your yard at night, on your water feature or other landscaping features.

Outdoor lighting will also improve your property’s security. Motion sensor lights installed on your driveway and pathways leading to the back can deter potential intruders. If you’re on holiday, having lights on in your yard will also make it look like someone is home.

Save on energy by installing low voltage lighting. It won’t use as much power and provides a soft, ambient glow which is ideal for nighttime. Solar powered outdoor lighting is also available. The solar lights have a little panel on them that absorbs the sun’s energy during the day, to use at night. These solar lights are typically dimmer that other lighting, but a nice idea for creating that cozy ambiance.

Landscapers in Winnipeg

Lawn ‘N’ Order is a full- service Winnipeg Landscaping Company. They offer landscape design, installation and maintenance. Some of their services include: custom landscaping, concrete curbs and borders, interlock stone patios, walkways and driveways, water features, low voltage and solar lighting, lawn care programs, lawn maintenance and snow removal.

Get your landscape ready for summer. Contact Lawn ‘N’ Order.


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