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The type and style of interior doors you choose during your renovation plays a role in how your home looks and feels. Whether it be a bedroom or living room, an interior door offers an attractive finishing touch to your remodel. With so many kinds of doors out there, it can be difficult to choose. From Hallmark Doors in Edmonton, here are different kinds of interior doors to consider installing in your home.

Barn Doors

Barn doors will add a rustic look to any space and are very popular right now. There’s also the bonus of how they’re customizable. You’ll have the ability to choose the wood that’s used, how the wood is finished, and what hardware is used. These doors generally are installed on tracks that come in different colours as well. There are other ways to make barn doors more modern for your home, such as using glass panels in between the wood. No matter the case, barn doors add character to any home.

French Doors

Looking to add more light to your home? French doors may be the choice for you. They are classic, timeless, and clean. French doors are great for family spaces or living rooms because when open, can give your living spaces an open concept feel. Open or closed, their airy design combines function and modernity.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are very common in homes. They are simple and clean, acting more so out of functionality than looks. If neutrality is something you’re looking for, panel doors may be for you. They are typically made of wood, but similarly to the barn doors, panels of glass can also be found on panel doors. The wood material can be completely finished down, or maintain the grains and patterns the wood came with. These doors come on hinges or can slide on a track.

Interior Doors in Edmonton

Serving Edmonton for over 40 years, Hallmark Doors offers a large selection of interior residential doors including pantry, pivot, specialty, and a huge variety of closet door options. Their professionals will measure your door openings for you to ensure the right fit. They always provide a quote for your door projects at no cost and follow up with great customer service!

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