Myths about flat roofs

The nature of flat roofs often leads to more myths and misconceptions than the many benefits they have to offer. Flat roofs are just as durable and beneficial as any other style of roof. That’s why it’s important to debunk the myths and learn the truth when considering this style.

Citadel Roofing and Building Maintenance in Vancouver specialize in residential, commercial and industrial roof repairs and installation. They share some common myths about flat roofs:

Myth #1: flat roofs leak more 

In reality, any roof can leak more often than another and for several reasons. A flat roof will leak more often, but only if installed improperly or if it isn’t well maintained. Otherwise, flat roofs are carefully installed with preventative leak protection and made to be waterproof. They are also built with a slight pitch to ensure that water does not pool on the roof and lead to water damage.

Myth #2: flat roofs are the same as sloped

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, sloped and flat are two different types of roofs. Flat roofs, although not completely flat, are measured in pitch. That gives it just enough height to allow water to drain properly, while still appearing flat. Sloped roofs not only look different, but they also require different installation techniques, materials, and maintenance. The type of slope varies from low, medium, and steep, with a medium slope being the most common.

Myth #3: flat roofs cost more 

This can vary depending on what costs you factor in with owning a flat roof. The installation expense itself is not more costly than sloped roofs and is, in fact, quite cost-effective. That said, the costs for repairs and maintenance can be higher. A well-maintained flat roof won’t need costly repairs, and so will be a less expensive overall option. If it isn’t maintained or installed properly, then the costs of upkeep can easily creep up.

Myth #4: flat roofs have shorter lifespans

As with any roof, its lifespan will come down to a matter of maintenance, installation, and materials. Sloped asphalt roofs can last from 15 to 30 years, while metal can last from 30 to upwards of 50 years. With the right upkeep and inspections, any roof will have a longer lifespan. Flat roofs are no exception, but the type of materials used will play a key role. Climate and maintenance also affect the lifespan, as will the skill of the installer. In general, though, most flat roofs last anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

Since different companies offer various styles of flat roof materials and systems, talk with your roofing professional. They’ll suggest the right material for your home and the best system to ensure a long lifespan. Invest as well in professional, annual inspections to ensure your flat roof continues to stay in top shape.

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