Professional drywall installation for your basement renovation

If you’re developing your basement, the drywall work will be a major component of that renovation project. For basements, drywalled ceilings are more modern and bright. You can also have extra soundproofing installed between floors. When it comes to walls, they need to be moisture resistant and functional. To ensure this quality, you always hire a professional for drywall installation during a basement renovation.

DNA Renovations Inc. in Edmonton is a professional contracting company. They share the benefits of hiring their pros to install drywall for your basement renovation:

They do the drywall, but there are other jobs you can DIY

Generally, a professional should handle drywall installation, but there are still parts that you can DIY. Painting the finished drywall or putting up wallpaper is something most homeowners can do themselves. Down the road, if the drywall has minor damage, patching it up and repainting is also something you can try tackling DIY.

With a professional managing the installation, though, you have the assurance of quality and safety. Mudding, taping, and sanding is more challenging than you might think. It takes experience and skill to get it just right, or your walls and ceilings will end up with seam or screw marks on them when finished. Save yourself the time, headache, and disappointment by hiring a professional to start.

Drywall has flexible designs 

Basements are already significant investments to renovate or finish, which is why cost-effective materials are a must. With drywall, you will benefit from a lower overall cost and better design. Drywall works perfectly for walls, ceilings, arches, and even customs designs. No matter what plans you have in mind for your basement, drywall will work with every idea and creates a blank canvas for the rest of its design. You can paint a smooth surface or go for a textured finish, such as popcorn or splatter, for a customized look. If you need ideas, just take a look at these beautiful, bright basement colour ideas.

Professionals save time and stress 

This doesn’t just apply to help with the basement renovations, but also with handling the drywall. Installing drywall can be a complicated and even costly job, especially if you are new to it. Individual sheets are heavy and awkward to handle, and you need the right tools and experience to hang everything properly. As mentioned, properly mudding and sanding the seams and screw holes are something only a seasoned professional can do perfectly. Common drywall mistakes will also cost more time and money, or give you bad results, which hiring a professional will help prevent. 

You get professional design help 

Basements have a lot of possibilities when deciding on their use. You can have additional bedrooms for a growing family and finally add a second or third bathroom downstairs. Homeowners can create a rec room, family room, or put in additional storage spaces. Whatever your dreams are for the basement, hiring a professional renovation company is the best place to start. They can work with your ideas and create a basement design plan that checks everything off your list. Then they can manage the project from start to finish, taking care of the little details so you don’t have to.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

DNA Renovations Inc. brings over 20 years of experience when it comes to home renovations. Their professionals are skilled and dedicated to both quality of work as well as customer satisfaction. Their services include everything from drywall and electrical, to plumbing and more. Whatever renovation service you need, DNA Renovations Inc. is proud and ready to help. 

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