Make Your Next Home Renovation Easy with Peak Improvements Guaranteed Price, No Surprise Contract

Written by Peak Improvements in Edmonton.

Avoid Home Renovation Issues with Peak Improvements

Many people are interested in a home renovation but have reservations when it comes to working with a contractor. Peak Improvements has heard it all. Some Edmonton homeowners have come out of a former project with another contractor or were in the middle of arranging a build when surprise fees and costs materialized out of the blue. Such a situation can put off any homeowner from working with a contractor and makes it harder and more stressful to execute a desired home renovation project.

Peak Improvement’s Guaranteed Price, No Surprise Contract gives homeowners peace of mind. Get a project completed on budget, with open communication and minimal, if any, delays. See why homeowners are choosing Peak Improvements for their home renovation project today!

Simplicity at Its Best

There are no slight-of-hand tricks to win customers over and then suddenly tack on unexpected costs. In our “guaranteed price, no surprise” contract, know exactly what is needed and all related project costs in a quote. With a proven six-stage process, clients are walked through every detail and early clarification eliminates changes down the line. What makes up the core of the process?

Your In-Home Consultation

A Peak Improvements associate arrives on-site to get an understanding of the space and any challenges that may be property-specific. A discussion with the client provides more information on the overall vision and objectives for a home renovation. A homeowner learns more about a specific project and gets answers to all the questions they may have about a potential kitchen remodeling, home addition or more.

Preliminary Budgets

What will be involved in a project? Homeowners choosing to go to that next step will receive a preliminary budget. Clients get an understanding of the scope and scale of the project, as well as the opinion of investment. This budget will be fine-tuned as communications with a dedicated design team will highlight any design elements and specific features important to a homeowner as they personalize their space.

Design and Drafting

Get everything needed under one roof with Peak Improvements! Clients benefit from clear communications with creative and structural minds on a project. Every finishing detail and element is locked in with clear and open communication with designers and architects. No stone is left unturned and all specifications go into an accurate final quote.

Detailed Examination

With a final plan, construction is set to begin. Peak Improvements work with trusted trade partners to review all areas needing modification. A review of the details helps eliminate the possibility for surprises during construction. Clients, the Peak Improvements team and trade partners then have a crystal clear picture of the project and any unique considerations which is reflected in accurate final pricing.

Why Clients Depend on Peak Improvements

Clients deserve transparent communications. All parties benefit from knowing what is involved in a home improvement project, how long it will take and the final cost. Avoid getting frustrated from additional expenses that were not part of the final calculation or delays that can wreck the timetable for a project. The Peak Improvements team is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers, exceeding customer expectations. With a guaranteed contract, get the work you need at the promised price.

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