Double the home value: Custom millwork and major renovations

The right major renovation can do a lot not only to improve the size and layout of your home, but also its value. Updating and upgrading an old home goes a long way when it comes to investments—both long-term and short. If you want an extra touch of luxury though, then consider also adding some custom millwork to the renos. Not only does millwork add even more value, but you can really add some personalization to your home.

Henkel Construction Ltd. in Vancouver are both experts at renovations and custom millwork. They share some value-boosting ways to incorporate millwork into your next renovation.

Kitchen renos and custom cabinets

A kitchen is one room where you can’t go wrong with giving it a major renovation update. As one of the central social hubs in any home, there’s also a lot that can be done. For example try improving its overall function, updating appliances to save energy or updating an outdated kitchen. Even a mid-range kitchen renovation can recoup 62.1% of its costs, making it worth the investment.

Adding custom cabinets to the renovation means giving your new kitchen a new level of quality. Having custom cabinets not only makes the most of space and functionality, but the high quality will add even more value to your home. You can decide on the design, amount and where the cabinets go, so they are perfectly suited to your needs.

Bathroom renos and custom vanities

Bathroom renovations or additions are also one of those ‘must do’s’ when it comes to a major renovation. The bathroom may not be a social hub like the kitchen, but it is used just as regularly. A renovation here can improve the space, turn it into a real spa oasis, or you can add a whole new bathroom if your home needs one.

Just like the idea of custom cabinets in the kitchen, the same can be incorporated into the bathrooms. With a custom design in mind, you can also use the chance to design a vanity worthy of the master bathroom.

New fireplace and custom mantel

Fireplaces may not be standard in every home, but they are certainly a luxury well worth the investment. Wood-burning, gas or electric, are all options that really just depend on what you personally want in your home. A fireplace on its own is certainly a perk and an appealing addition, but including a custom mantel turns it into a real feature focus. The mantel itself can be built with additional shelving along the walls, a lip above for pictures or just an elegant design for a classy look. That way, even during the summer months, your fireplace and mantel will still get lots of attention and use.

Staircases and crown moldings 

Custom millwork can also be done as separate additions during any renovation. Staircases, for example, can do a lot with a little custom millwork love. Adding custom handrails can transform your staircase into an elegant, new grand entrance addition. Or, you can also consider installing some clever storage beneath the stairs. Read more about under-stair storage ideas, for inspiration in your own home.

Crown molding and trim is a more subtle addition, but sometimes subtlety is all that you need to transform a space. Molding used on ceilings or baseboards will add a touch of traditional and timeless elegance throughout a room. It can also help break up space on an expansive or vaulted ceiling to give it a more interesting look.

Major Renovations in Vancouver

Henkel Construction Ltd. are home renovation and millwork experts, who can tackle any project: big or small. Not only do they bring their professional expertise to the job, but they also bring their creative advice and ideas. When you work with Henkel Construction, you are leaving your home in the right hands for a beautiful transformation. 

Don’t hesitate to call today for any questions or to book an appointment!

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