Combining kitchen renovations with home additions

Major kitchen renovations have a lot of room for possibilities and layout changes. Adding space and so more function is one such popular idea. But while open layouts are one way to get more space, what about when that’s not enough? Blending elements of a major renovation with a home addition is a great way to get the kitchen and the space you’ve always wanted.

Greystone Custom Homes in Calgary provide high-quality renovations and custom home builds. They share some major kitchen renovations ideas that include a home addition:

Kitchen bump-out

Think of a bump out as a smaller version of a full addition that still adds new square footage. In a kitchen, bump-outs are a great way to add that little extra missing element. It may be to expand the room to add new cabinets, countertop space, or a new island for family and friends. Bump-outs can also create enough space to add a breakfast nook for cozy seating and the perfect space to spend mornings with family. Bump-outs can add just enough space to suit your needs and they’re easy to customize for your lifestyle as long as you have the space on your lot.

A sunroom addition

Sunrooms are typically added to other parts of the house, like the living room or dining room area. Having one come off the kitchen, though, is a perfect way to blend the two rooms. You get the added floor space in the kitchen by taking out or opening up a wall for the sunroom entrance. In the mornings, breakfast can be enjoyed in the sunroom, or you can entertain friends and family while cooking. Your kitchen will also benefit from the flood of natural sunlight that’ll brighten and warm the room. If you have a green thumb, then the sunroom can be a small close-at-hand herb and vegetable garden. There are plenty of ways to customize the new addition and it’ll add great value.

Walk-in pantry room addition

If you can use additions in the master bedroom for a walk-in closet, why not the same for the kitchen? Any kitchen, but especially ones lacking in storage space, will benefit from a stunning walk-in pantry. The additional can act the same as a new room, just not the full size. Design it with wall-length shelving, spacious flooring, or maybe an island in the centre to hold small appliances. For a full room addition off the kitchen, save a section to build the pantry but knock out the rest of the wall. You can then expand the kitchen without having to take away from existing square footage inside your home.

Major Renovations in Calgary and Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

At Greystone Custom Homes, everything they do is done with the highest quality in mind. Whether that’s materials, labour, customer care, or just the people, they pride themselves on quality. From kitchen, basement, and bathroom renovations to entire home ones, they can help.

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