Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Bill

Electrical bills can get pricey. On top of all your other bills and expenses, it never hurts to look for ways to save. Upgrading your electrical system can make your home more efficient. That is something a professional electrician like Kilts and Cables Electrical can help with.

Still, even without an upgrade saving on your electricity bill can be easier than one might think. Here are some easy ways to save money on your electrical bills from Kilts and Cables Electrical Ltd in Calgary.

Watch your lighting.

There are a few things you can do with regards to lighting. Turning off lights when leaving any room is one of the easiest. Using energy-efficient light bulbs will lower your bill. Look for LED or fluorescent light bulbs, or bulbs with the energy star label. With this, installing a dimmer in certain rooms will reduce the energy used when it isn’t necessary. Another could be allowing for more natural light in your home during the day.

Consider home automation. 

Home automation can help you save electricity. You can program your lights to come on and off at certain times of the day. For example, the lights can turn off automatically when you leave for work and come back on in the evening. That way, you will never forget to turn the lights off when they are not needed.

Unplug unused electronics.

Leaving things plugged in that aren’t in use can use electricity, even when they are turned off. Unplug devices that are done charging as soon as they are finished. Unplug old televisions, radios, fridges, or other electronics that are rarely used.

Avoid the oven.

Using an oven uses plenty of electricity. Warming up food in microwaves or toaster ovens will fraction the amount of electricity used, and save you money. Another way to save with your oven is to defrost foods before cooking them. This way, they will spend less time in the oven and use less energy.

Use your dishwasher less.

Dishwashers use a great amount of electricity. Make sure to start them when the load is full, allowing for fewer uses. Some dishwashers have an energy-efficient setting and don’t be afraid to use it. Another way is to wash dishes by hand, avoiding the use of a dishwasher altogether.

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