Electricians in Calgary

The importance of preventative maintenance for your electrical system

Electrical systems can pose serious safety risks if not installed or maintained correctly. These risks include electric shock, fire, or system failure. [...]

What is whole-home surge protection?

Surge protectors are used to protect your electronics and appliances from surges in your electrical system. A surge is a sudden boost in energy flowing [...]

Reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

The electrical panel controls all the electricity in your home. Its function is to receive electricity from the utility and then distribute it throughout [...]

The advantages and value of permanent outdoor lighting  

Imagine never having to climb a ladder in the freezing cold to install Christmas lights ever again! You’re not a scrooge, but putting up and taking down [...]

Installing a home electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and a great way to commit to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. By switching to electricity, you’ll help [...]

Cost-effective smart home solutions

Home automation in Calgary allows you to control things in your home with a touch of a button. Lighting and temperature controls, security cameras and [...]

Why you should prioritize your basement electrical wiring 

When finishing or renovating a basement, how far up the to-do list is the electrical wiring? While wiring is important in the rest of the house, the basement [...]

Electrical renovations for a productive home office

If you’ve transitioned to a home office, you’ve likely converted a bedroom into a workspace. If you haven’t done more than move in some office [...]

Integration and repairs on an older home automation system

Home automation can improve energy efficiency, convenience and lifestyle. With a touch of a button, you can control things like lighting, temperature, and [...]

Back up power options for your new acreage

Many people have chosen to move to rural areas during the pandemic. An acreage can provide plenty of indoor and outdoor living spaces and is an excellent [...]