Common electrical problems to watch for this spring

Electrical problems can occur at any time, but a change of seasons is a great time to inspect your system to ensure it’s running safely and efficienty. Most of the time, electrical issues can be solved easily by a professional electrician when caught early.

Here are some common electrical problems to catch and repair this spring:

Not enough panel power

Spring and summer tend to see much higher power demands like simultaneously running the AC, dehumidifier, fans, and appliances. That demand can cause a lot of strain on the electrical system, especially if your electrical panel is outdated. A panel that doesn’t have enough power can’t meet multiple demands. Overworking the panel risks circuits tripping, power surges, or even fires sparking and causing serious damage. If you are concerned or have noticed some signs your panel can’t handle capacity, talk to an electrician. If the power is missing, it’s worth upgrading the panel to better meet your needs and to ensure the system is safe.

Surge protection

Thunderstorms and rainstorms are typical in spring, and with them come strong winds and lighting. Nearby lightning strikes can cause fluctuation in power, but a full home power surge will cause a lot of damage. If your home isn’t protected with a surge protector device, then install one right away. It keeps your home safe and ensures your electrical systems have a long life. With more of us working from home, the need to protect our computers and devices from surges is more important than ever. Never DIY the work and instead leave it to a trained electrician. Learn more about whole-house surge protection

Pest and critters

Mice, squirrels, and insects like to burrow into areas like attics or basements and nibble away on electrical wiring. If you’re noticing that your electrical system is fluctuating in the spring and it’s not from a power issue, call a professional. Once the pests have been found and their access to your home sealed, you’ll need new wiring. An electrician can help with that and help protect the new wires from future harm.

Urgent electrical repairs

If you noticed scorch marks, smell burning, or have outlets and switches that are hot to touch, call an electrician right away. Whether caused by a pest, faulty installation or just wear and tear, these are significant warning signs that your electrical needs immediate repair. Leaving it can cause a serious fire risk. 

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