Three ways to upgrade the electrical in your home

There are several ways electrical upgrades can improve your home. But remember, safety is of the utmost importance when doing electrical work. You should always hire a trusted electrical contractor to guarantee quality work and safety.

YYC Power in Calgary offers a range of electrical services, including installations and repairs. Here they walk you through a few suggestions for upgrading the electrical in your home.

Lighting upgrades

Lighting can enhance any room. For example, soft and flattering lighting in the bedroom will help set the mood. Alternatively, bright and bold lighting will highlight various home features. You can use lighting to make a statement. You can also add lighting elements to enhance the design. The sky is truly the limit. However, be sure to do your research before making plans. Then you can bring your lighting ideas to a trusted contractor. From there, your contractor can turn your vision into reality.

YYC Power provides homeowners in Calgary with full-service lighting and electrical solutions. They offer a wide range of indoor electrical services. Additionally, they can provide outdoor electrical services as well. With years of experience, YYC Power is happy to discuss your lighting needs with you. Then they will make the installation process smooth and stress-free. The result will be new lighting in your home you’ll be wowed by.

Panel upgrades

If you live in an older home, your electrical panel may be unable to keep up with modern technologies. Maybe you’ve experienced some circuit tripping? On the other hand, you may have learned that your insurance company won’t cover electrical systems using an outdated 60-amp service.

No matter the reason, upgrading your electrical panel will provide many benefits. For instance, insurance companies now require homeowners to have 100-amp-rated services and equipment. On top of this, old and faulty electrical systems can put you and your home in danger. Talk to your contractor about upgrading your electrical panel. Then you’ll be able to leave your electrical system worries behind you.

Smart Home upgrades

State-of-the-art smart home technology isn’t just for the rich and famous. Today, there are cost-effective smart home solutions all homeowners can access. For example, lighting controls are one smart home upgrade you can add to your home. On top of this, advanced temperature and window shade controls are other options. Smart security solutions are another way to bring your home into the 21st century.

YYC Power offers smart home solutions for homeowners. They will use their knowledge and expertise to install the smart home features you are interested in. Additionally, they can help install other electrical elements to complement your smart home features. These include upgraded lighting designs and green energy solutions.

Electricians in Calgary

YYC Power is a full-service electrical company. They offer their customers a full range of residential and commercial electrical solutions. They can also install many sought-after electrical features. For example, electrical vehicle charging stations and smart home controls. Additionally, they can install generators for whole-home backup. YYC Power can also provide liability checks for your property. Journeyman Electricians Sandro Vega and Alexi Vega are here to handle all your electrical needs!

Reach out to YYC Power today!

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