Multi-benefits of wood cabinet refinishing

Refinishing your wood cabinets gives them a modern and fresh new look. No matter how you choose to change the look, refinishing is a multi-benefit choice.

BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor in Surrey is an experienced wood cabinet refinishing company. They share the process, benefits and ideas of cabinet refinishing:

What is refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing keeps the components of your cabinet–boxes, drawer front, door style–and focuses on changing the look. First, the cabinet is stripped of its current finish, typically with sanding, then a new paint or stain is reapplied. Refacing is a different option that involves removing the doors and drawers and applying new ones entirely. If your cabinets are still in good condition but looking a bit worn, then refinishing is the best option. Refacing is there if your cabinet doors are damaged or worn beyond repair and need a new look.

What are the benefits?

Cabinet refinishing is a much more cost-effective option for cabinet renovations and refreshing your kitchen. Cabinet refinishing will cost a mere fraction of the cost of a full cabinet replacement. Plus, it’s better for the environment because you’re not demolishing and throwing away your old cabinets.

You can choose a bright, colourful kitchen or something dark, sleek and modern by painting the cabinets. Staining, the other option, highlights the natural look and features of the wood cabinets. You can choose a brighter or dark stain for a bold look. The overall process is swift and less evasive, so you can quickly get back to using the kitchen and enjoy the look of your new cabinets. 

Wood cabinet trends

Painted cabinets are a popular trend in cabinet looks and styles, especially in a kitchen. The classic all-white kitchen is a popular look for a modern kitchen or a sleek, clean look. It pairs well with complementary tones like grays or blues in the countertops or along the walls. Other popular paint trends are bold and colourful, either with pastels or dark tones. Black cabinets, for example, are striking, especially when paired with a sleek gold or silver-toned hardware.

Staining cabinets and sticking with the natural wood look is equally popular, especially among richer wood cabinets. The stain will bring out the natural wood grains and tones that offer a classic and timeless style. BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor can help you choose a stain that best matches your kitchen’s design and your personal taste. 

Cabinet Refinishing in Surrey

BC Cabinet Refinishing Contractor specializes in returning wood cabinets to their original state and style. Instead of tearing out the cabinets, they offer a cost-effective alternate with refinishing. They provide flawless work and will guide you through any design or style options from start to finish. They also provide free estimates and courtesy demos of a cabinet door to give you some visuals.

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