Home security system features to consider for your home 

There are many ways to customize your home protection, from smart home security and alarm monitoring to damage prevention and life safety. Knowing all of your options will ensure you choose the best features for your home.

Telsco Security Systems in Edmonton is a local, professional home security and automation system company. They have been serving Edmonton and the area since 1970, and in this blog they share some security system options to consider in your home:

Home security and monitoring

A complete home security system involves several parts that work together to keep your home safe and secure. It can include a variety of strategically placed devices, such as door and motion sensors or glass break detectors. If you forget to set the alarm, you can do it remotely through a smartphone app, ensuring that your home is always protected. Indoor lifestyle cameras let you watch things inside your home and get video alerts on specific activities. You can even authorize monitoring centre operators to access live video to assist with emergency dispatch in the case of an alarm. If you have pets who are home alone or kids, it’s a great way to ensure they are safe.

Damage prevention

Security systems can also protect against more than just intruders; they can also protect your home from damage and live threatening events. For example, a burst pipe or carbon monoxide leak can be disastrous, especially when it’s not caught early enough. An environmental alarm will alert you of that risk as soon as it detects it. The system can detect floods, leaks, warn against freezing temperatures, fires, and carbon monoxide. That way, you can leave your home or sleep peacefully at night without worry.

Medical alert system

Whether you want to age safely in place or keep an eye on elderly loved ones, a medical alert system provides safety and assurance. The system can do numerous things like automating heating, setting up alerts if the door is unlocked at night and other functions that can give insight into the health and wellness of your loved one. The system is easily customizable to your needs or a family member. Even if you can’t always be there in person, a virtual check-in will provide the same peace of mind. Installing automation devices for lock automation or thermostat control is a great way to make ageing-in-place easier and convenient.

Home Security in Edmonton

Telsco Security Systems prides itself on offering custom systems and solutions for absolute peace of mind. They can provide whole-home systems or specific features that suit your needs and security goals. A professional from their team will visit your home to assess the property and advise on the best course of action. Then, they’ll do the installation to ensure top quality and safety. With their team and system in your home, you can rest easy, always knowing your home and family are safe.

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