Painting the Exterior of Your Home

Over the years, the exterior of your home is subject to the elements and may need a refreshing coat of paint or a complete makeover. If you’re ready to paint, Benjamin Moore Pinnacle South in Edmonton shares these steps to revitalize your home’s exterior.

Surface Prep

Without a properly prepared surface, the exterior of your home may not turn out the way you envisioned it. Scope out the entire home, and note any chipping, peeling, holes, and possible mildew. If necessary, sand away any chips or peeling paint. You’ll want a smooth surface to work with, so the paint can adhere without the interruption of lumps and bumps. Clean the exterior with a pressure washer to blast away any remaining grime and grit. You’re almost ready to start painting.

Prime Time

Choose the correct primer for the surface you are working with. Think of the primer as a liquid sealant for the material that you will eventually be painting over. It also acts as a glue base for ultimate adhesion. Latex primers are most popular for exterior surfaces like vinyl and wood. Your time is valuable, and being efficient is encouraged, but don’t skip out on this step. By taking the time to prime your project, the outcome of your paint job will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Choose Your Colour

The most challenging part of the painting process can be selecting your colour scheme. There are such a wide variety of options. Let it be earthy tones or lime green, make sure to choose quality paint. Check to see if there are neighbourhood restrictions on the colours you are allowed to paint your home. Be aware of how the colour you choose compliments or clashes with your home’s exterior. Read more about inviting home exterior colour palettes.

Brush, Roll, or Spray?

A paintbrush will grant you greater precision for those delicate areas. You’ll want to start from top to bottom to help avoid a streaky situation; two coats of paint are usually recommended for the most opaque result. As well, rolling paint works well on flat surfaces, and covers large areas quickly. Two people can spray and roll together, to create a smooth and even finish. If you choose to spray the exterior of your home, be sure to cover surrounding surfaces like bushes and exterior decorations.

Paint Stores in Edmonton

Benjamin Moore’s vision is to “inspire and transform – our homes, our communities, and our lives – one brush stroke at a time”. They have the knowledge, passion, products, and tools to make your exterior paint job come to life.

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