Natural rock landscaping ideas

Landscaping is a great way to transform your backyard from just a yard into a space where you want to gather, spend time with family, or just sit and enjoy nature. Landscaping is also the perfect way to boost your curb appeal, if or when you plan on selling your house.

Traditionally, landscaping is used to alter the existing design of your yard, add feature ornaments, or plant trees and shrubs. But if you are looking for a new landscaping idea that will really transform your yard and grab attention, then consider a natural rock landscape alternative.

Canadian Vintage Landscapes, experts in landscaping, offer some tips and inspiration for a natural rock landscape look:

Natural stone pathway

A natural stone pathway is a great way to add an updated look to your yard, while still keeping the natural feel. Whether added to the front of your home or the back, a pathway is also a creative way to break-up the scenery of the land with a winding little walkway. Natural stone is also highly durable and requires little maintenance beyond a basic cleaning. There is a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, so you can customize your path to be a blended addition or a bold feature to your landscape.


If you want both a low-maintenance and water conservative friendly yard, then xeriscaping is a perfect solution. Xeriscaping incorporates plants that are drought-hardy plants and reduces grassy areas for a more rocky-based landscape. Because of the low water-need-plants and reduced grass, it creates a simple, low-maintenance yard. Among the simple rock-base, the selection of colourful plants will pop out creating an attention-grabbing yard that will also stand out against other green landscaped yards. Find more xeriscape design ideas for some added inspiration.

Large decorative stone and small feature boulders

Adding decorative stone or feature boulders is a great way to create a blend of softscape with splashes of standout natural rock features. Adding a large colorful boulder to the center of a flowerbed or multiple boulders throughout, creates an aesthetically natural scene. You can also use smaller boulders to accent ponds and create a natural separation from the green grass. Either way, using decorative stone or feature boulders is a great way to add attention-grabbing details throughout your yard.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Canadian Vintage has over 20 years of landscaping experience, so when it comes to transforming your backyard, they are the professionals to call. They provide services in everything from paving stones, natural rock, ponds, softscaping and more. They pride themselves in their attention to both detail and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

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