Picking the right tile flooring for each room in your home

Switching to tile floors in your home may seem like a daunting decision, given all the available choices. From natural stone floors, ceramic or porcelain tile, each offers its own benefits and matches for certain rooms. An easy reason to choose tile, though, is that no matter, tile flooring is a guaranteed value boost!

Tile and Stone Source in Edmonton offer a full range of tile flooring and installation services. They share the best tile flooring to install in each room of your home:

Porcelain and ceramic: kitchens

When it comes to kitchen floors, you want something that is both resilient and moisture resistant. With high foot traffic, possible spills, stains or scrapes, kitchen floors need to be able to stand up to it all. As far as tile flooring goes, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular choice. They are resistant to both moisture and scratches and are durable against high foot traffic. Both tiles are available in a wide range of colours, designs, and textures so that they can be customized for any kitchen.

Slate: bathrooms

With bathroom flooring, having moisture resistance is a must-have, but so is having a slip-resistant floor. A beautiful floor that gets slippery when wet just isn’t going to work in your bathrooms! Slate flooring, though, is both naturally slip and moisture resistant, making it a perfect choice!

Colour-wise, slate offers a natural cool charcoal colouring, fit for a relaxing bathroom theme. Otherwise, other shades, such as tans or rust browns, can be chosen for any number of personal designs. Slate is also compatible with radiant heat, making it the perfect excuse to add in-floor heating to your bathroom!

Marble: living rooms

Marble may not be the immediate first choice for living rooms, but it adds an undeniable elegance. Living rooms often benefit from a touch of luxury, making a marble floor a perfect choice. While classically installed as white, marble tile is available in browns or golds, which add warmth to the room. Even for high foot traffic living rooms, marble is a durable floor that won’t easily become worn. Plus, marble floors naturally reflect light, adding a natural glow to any room and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Limestone: laundry rooms

Similar to kitchens, laundry room floors must be resistant to moisture, stains, and heavyweights. Despite limestone being soft to walk on, it is an extremely durable floor that can withstand heavy machines. Most importantly, though, limestone is resistant to both mould and bacteria. It is easily cleaned with a simple sweep or a light mop to clean up any spills. Limestone is available in a wide choice of designs, colours, and shapes to match any laundry room décor.

Travertine: feature entryways

When it comes to a grand entrance, choosing the right floor plays a large role in pulling everything together. As the first room that visitors will see, you want a floor with a real wow factor. Travertine tile will provide that factor, thanks to its natural elegance and timeless beauty. It can also easily blend with a variety of other tile materials or with different designs. For example, a travertine mosaic in an entryway will effortlessly transform your floor. Take a look at the mosaic and design ideas to use with a travertine entrance floor. Practically as well, travertine is highly durable and won’t get damaged from high traffic. Scratches, mud or snow also won’t damage the floor as long as it properly sealed.

Tile Contractors in Edmonton

Tile and Stone Source pride themselves in helping their customers make the best choice for new tile flooring. They offer a range of tile and mosaic flooring, as well as provide installation services. No matter what your tile needs may be, Tile and Stone Source are there to provide a stress-free experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact Tile and Stone Source for any questions or needs!

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