When it comes to windows, you want the best. Windows are not merely for allowing more light into your home. They offer many other benefits, including adding value to your home, lower energy bills, safer for the environment, and more. With tilt and turn windows, you can have all these benefits. From Karufa Window and Door in Winnipeg, here are four reasons why tilt and turn windows are worth upgrading to.

They’re easy to use and maintain

You may come to a point where it’s time to replace the windows. Why choose tilt and turn? One of the key features of tilt and turn windows is how they function and how easy they are to clean and maintain. They open to the inside, allowing you to easily clean the windows without having to go outside with a  ladder. There is also an attractive screen on the outside, to keep out the bugs. Plus, with this system, you never trap insects between the screen and the sash you would with a casement or awning window.

They offer smart ventilation and security

Tilt and turn windows offer good airflow and ventilation. The bottom section allows the stale air to escape while fresh air is allowed into the house from the top section. In addition to that, these windows are very secure. They have a locking system around the entire sash, so it can lock on all four sides, giving you maximum security and peace of mind.

They’re energy-efficient

Energy efficiency is someone to keep an eye out for when shopping for windows. They have many added benefits that will make your life easier. It will lower your energy bills because less energy will be needed to keep the heat inside your home. Manufactured with Winnipeg winters in mind, all windows from Karufa Window and Door use the latest energy-efficient technology to reduce energy transfer. In the summer, the windows can reflect the heat from the sun. In the winter, they are well-insulated and designed to keep your warm air inside.

Windows in Winnipeg

At Karufa Window and Door, they not only install the right windows and doors in your home, but also install products which are built with lasting quality for the Manitoba climate. Their windows come with a lifetime written warranty.

For more information, check out Karufa Window and Door today!

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