Benefits of using hydroseeding for your landscape project

If you’re planning a new landscape project, you’ve probably also considered what to do with your lawn. Lawns play quite a role in overall landscape design and appeal, so it’s important to have an attractive looking space. There are a lot of ways to do so, from adding new sod or trying to fertilize. Still, nothing is quite so cost-effective and beneficial as trying hydroseeding.

Read on to learn what hydroseeding is and why it’s perfect for your next landscape project:

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding uses a mixture of grass seeds mixed with water, fertilizer and wood mulch. The mixture is put into a tank and attached to a hose, before then being sprayed onto the ground. The combination of mulch and moisture creates a protective layer for the grass seeds to grow in. As the seeds grow, the mixture decomposes, and nutrients are released throughout the seeds. The resulting lawn grows with a deeper root system, providing thick and dark grass as a result.

Cost-effective benefits

There are two main benefits of this method, the first of which is its cost. Hydroseeding costs a fraction of the cost of other methods, such as laying sod. Sodding your lawn also brings the risk of the soil rejecting the grassroots, and the grass then dying. Because hydroseeding starts with the seeds, there is no risk of the grassroots rejecting the new lawn. Plus, hydro seeded lawns still come in quickly, so your lawn will be ready in no time.

Landscaping beneficial

The second benefit, from a landscaping perspective, is that hydroseeding isn’t restricted by any surfaces. If you have a sloped or uneven lawn, hydroseeding can still just easily work since the seeds are sprayed. If you are planning a large landscape project, you want the end result to transform your yard. Once you have the perfect hardscape design or vibrant softscape, you want a lawn to match. Hydroseeding will provide just that and can be applied to any landscape design you have created. Hillsides, slopes or large open areas won’t be a costly addition to grow new grass.

Leave it to the professionals

While hydroseeding is a cost-effective method, it is still important to consider hiring professionals for the job. Both new equipment and the right seeds will need to be purchased if you choose DIY hydroseeding. Professionals, though, will not only have the right equipment but all the skills and knowledge as well. They’ll know what seeds are best for your lawn and how to apply an even layer.

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