Reasons to replace your skylight and roof at the same time

Skylights offer major benefits to any home with the flood of natural sunlight and new view, and without compromising privacy. Still, eventually, those skylights will need repairs or replacements to upgrade them. When that time comes, have the roof inspected. If it needs a replacement too, doing both at the same time can be advantageous.

Silverline Roofing in Edmonton is a professional roofing and skylight installation company. They share why replacing your skylight and roof together is a great combination:

Save more time and money

Instead of the time and money it would take for two separate jobs, get replacements and re-roofing done together. While your roofers are already up there, it makes more sense to tackle those skylights as well. The process will be quicker while the shingles are already gone and cost less than replacing down the road. If your skylights are already old or outdated, you’re likely losing money as well. Replacing them sooner rather than later is a better long-term investment in protecting your home and energy savings.

Prevent leaks and more costs

Old skylights can risk leaking or the glass seal breaking, leading to fogged glass and less efficiency. If this happens, your home and roof become at risk of much more costly water damage and resulting repairs. With foggy glass, it means the protective seal between the layers of glass has broken. Its energy efficiency is being lost, and your home bills may start to creep up as a result. To repair a skylight, the shingles around the skylight will need to be replaced as well. If you wait until after re-roofing to replace the skylight, you’ll end up paying for those shingles twice.

Maintain appearances and appeal

Worn roofing or damaged skylights harm your home’s overall appearance and its curb appeal. Old skylights with foggy glass or damaged frames take away from the attraction and appeal of the rest of your home. This will especially stand out against any updates, like a new roof, siding, paint touch up, or other improvements. Keeping your entire home in top condition will ensure its appeal stays up, as well as its overall value.

Materials improve 

Depending on the type of roofing you have, it likely needs to be replaced every 15 to 30 years. Over that time, technology and materials are advancing and becoming better. Newer skylight models are less likely to leak, are more energy-efficient, and the frame materials are stronger. Upgrading to a better model will ensure your skylights stand up to time and the weather just as well as your roofing does. Then, any future maintenance checks and inspections can be scheduled at the same time.

Roofers in Edmonton

Silverline Roofing provides quality work, customer care, and peace of mind with every project. Their skilled and experienced roofers can help protect your home against any elements or damage. Every project is specialized to suit your needs, including cost-effective solutions. For re-roofing, roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance, or skylight installation, you know who to call.

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