Renovate the Basement to Increase Home Value

Having a finished or newly renovated basement will increase your home’s functional living space. In doing so, you’ll also improve your property value. It’s always a good idea to invest in your property, and if you decide to sell down the road, you’ll enjoy the return.

Total Touch Contracting Inc. in Edmonton helps homeowners with basement remodeling. They share some ways to renovate your basement with ROI in mind:

Remember that a basement needs to be renovated as a basement!

Basement remodels should not be treated the same as above ground renovations. While a finished basement will add living space to the home, it must be renovated to make it feel less…basementy. Use light colour schemes to help open the space up. If possible, replace your older basement windows with larger egress windows with large window wells that will let in more natural light. You should also keep things like the flooring and ceiling colour light. Even an expensive basement remodel, if not done smartly, can make a basement feel like a dungeon.

If selling is your plan in the not so far away future, remember that above ground renovations will be more valuable than below ground upgrades. If you want to splurge on some high-end things, do that upstairs. You can do that while making sure your basement is modern, comfortable and attractive.

Renovate for the masses.

If you want to renovate the basement to help your home sell in the future, keep your unique personal choices to a minimum. You can to make the basement into a space that would appeal to the greatest number of people. Design it with a family room, bedrooms, an extra bathroom and good storage rooms. These might seem like ‘boring’ things to have in the basement, but it will make your home more attractive on the market when you sell.

Getting too specialized with your basement renovation can deter buyers. Examples of over-specializing would be installing a custom wine cellar or an over-the-top home theatre. Those things aren’t for everyone, but a comfortable living room and a spare bedroom most definitely are.

Ensure there’s plenty of head room.

If possible, your basement ceiling should be at least 8 feet high. Go higher if you can. There will be things in the way like vents and ducts. An expert designer can create a design plan that carefully ‘hides’ those things when possible and builds the main living areas without too much obstruction. If you live in an older home and raising a low basement ceiling isn’t possible, make sure you choose light and bright finishings to help open the space. Installing additional windows can also help with that.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Total Touch Contracting offers interior design, basement renovations, kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. They also offer completely landscaping services including walkways and driveways, tree and shrub installation, rough and final grading. There is nothing we can’t handle for our residential and commercial clients.

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