Renovating with a General Contractor

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Are you craving a new look for your home? Sprucing it up will increase your personal enjoyment of the home and your property value too.  Hiring a general contractor like Cleland Contracting in Calgary will ensure your whole-home, bathroom, basement or kitchen renovation is designed and constructed exactly how you imagined it. Here is some helpful tips for those embarking on a major home renovation and some key benefits of hiring a professional renovation company.

Should you DIY or hire a general contractor?

The main benefit to hiring a full-service general contractors in Calgary is that you gain an experienced and knowledgeable project manager who will take your project from conception to completion.  A home renovation can be stressful.  Even if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer, the task of creating a design, hiring and scheduling trades and visiting dozens of showrooms to choose features like cabinets, countertops and flooring can be an overwhelming task.

Cleland Contracting will take care of all that for you.  They will listen to what you want done, help you choose design features, materials and products, bring in necessary trades and make sure the job is complete on schedule and within your set budget. From minor upgrades, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations to major home overhauls and home additions, a general contractor and renovation company will go over every detail and ensure quality craftsmanship from start to finish. Learn how to hire a general contractor.

Hiring a reputable general contractor will also ensures that they have the proper insurance.  This means you won’t be personally liable for any accident or damages that might occur on the worksite.

The home renovation process


Now that you’ve decided to hire a trustworthy general contractor, it’s time to start your renovation project!

The company’s designers will first visit you and your home to help you create a design that suits your personal taste and lifestyle.  They will also help you pick up specific features for the home or space such as flooring, wall colours, cabinetry or countertops.  Their trained specialists will make sure the layout and design of your completed renovation is functional and that looks like how you imagined.

Your general contractor is a skilled project manager for your home renovation.  They have experience in major construction and renovation projects and will be able to create a clear plan and schedule for each aspect of the job.  A general contractor has access to trades including floor installers, electricians, plumbers, painters and others, and will take care of sub-contracting them and managing them to ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.   This gives you huge peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of for you.

Cleland Contracting will be there with you throughout the entire process, keeping you up to date with the progress of the renovation and helping you make decisions if changes are required along the way.  Renovation projects are time consuming, especially if you are doing it yourself and learning how to do things as you go along.  A renovation company can access and organize materials and trades quickly and keep to a reasonable schedule.  Their experience, expertise and access to resources will save you a lot of time and stress that usually comes with renovating.

When their work is done you will be greeted by a new, upgraded home. You’re going to love your new home renovation. Contact Cleland Contracting to get started!

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