Should I Get a Drain Inspection?

When purchasing a new home, you know that a home inspection is an important step in the home buying process. A home inspector will check over the properties exterior, attic, mechanical systems and other areas of the home to make sure you’re well-aware of potential issues and what you’re about to buy. What they don’t inspect is the home’s main drain line and that could cause some serious issues down the road.

Problems with a Clogged Drain Line

Everything might seem okay but if you have a clogged drain, collapsed drain, tree roots in your drain or other drain line you might be walking into a potential plumbing disaster. These issues could lead to a clogged sinks, showers and toilets, or worse – a flooded basement. That means you’ll have to shell out for an unexpected pipe repair or deal with other problems because of water damage and that can be very expensive.

Hiring a professional drain and sewer cleaning company like Pro Drain Techs in Edmonton can help you prevent these unfortunate and costly problems. They provide drain scoping services for people purchasing or renovating a home. In a drain inspection they will discover problems caused by tree roots, improper grading of the property, drains clogged with grease or any other objects that could result in future repairs.

Drain Scoping

drain-scopingUsing non-destructive video drain scoping technology, they will be able to locate drain issues like cracked lines, collapse lines and clogged lines.  They can check the slope of the drains, identify tree root infiltration and map your waste water system.

If you have a major drain issue you’ll have to expose your entire drain line to repair it and that will cost thousands of dollars, not to mention destroy your yard. Pro Drain Techs’ camera system will show you precisely where the issues are within your pipe system without having to dig up your line. Then they can recommend the most cost-effective solution for the problem.

Edmonton Drain and Sewer Cleaning Company

Pro Drain Techs is the company to call when you have a burst pipe, collapsed drain, damaged drain, require drain cleaning or snaking, have a broken pipe, a gurgling sink, a clogged shower drain, or any type of pipe problem. They are professional drain inspection and pipe repair specialists with the knowledge and experience to take your problem to a solution quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

They use trenchless technology, video scoping and other technologies to ensure your pipe repairs happen with as little disturbance to your property as possible. Think you need a drain inspection?

Call the pros at Pro Drain Techs today!



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