Should you retrofit or replace your HVAC system?

Regular, professional maintenance is key to the longevity of your HVAC system. But what if repairs are no longer enough? If your HVAC is inefficient, ineffective, and raising your energy bills, it’s time to retrofit or replace it. Both are complex procedures and should only be done by a qualified HVAC contractor.

Mountains Edge Mechanical in Cochrane offers a range of services, including gas and hot water heater line installation and HVAC retrofitting repair, and installation. Here is helpful information to help you decide if you should replace or retrofit your HVAC system.

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the process of adding new components and replacing old parts. It’s an appealing alternative to completely replacing your existing HVAC. This is because HVAC replacements are more expensive, require more work, and take longer. In fact, your home has to be gutted to install an entirely new system. Not so with a retrofit! Retrofitting keeps costs low and isn’t invasive. You enjoy the benefits of an upgrade without the price tag and inconvenience.

Your HVAC contractor can recommend the best way to retrofit your unit. There are numerous ways to do so, such as replacing the existing ducts. Damaged ducts diminish energy efficiency, forcing the HVAC to work harder to do the same task. Additionally, they might recommend a new thermostat, a vent damper, or a new ignition device.

Advantages of retrofitting

Increased energy efficiency is the main reason for retrofitting HVAC systems. While retrofitted HVACS are less efficient than the newest models, they are a considerable improvement. This is because they utilize modern technologies to cool and heat more effectively. In fact, homeowners can save 20% on their energy bills following a retrofit.

Retrofitting extends the lifespan of HVACs. On average, HVAC units last 15-20 years. So choosing to retrofit can add a few years of life to your HVAC- and make it perform better in the meantime.

You will also enjoy greater comfort post-retrofit. Retrofitting optimizes the system and gives you more control over your environment. For example, temperature and humidity will be more consistent, and you shouldn’t notice any more drafts.

Advantages of replacing

New HVAC systems use the latest technologies. As a result, they offer better energy savings than even retrofitted models. All in all, they’re more energy-efficient and effective at keeping your home at the desired temperature. If you want a lower energy bill and a greener home, you may want to replace your HVAC.

Additionally, new HVAC units are safer and better for your health. Older and inefficient HVAC systems aren’t as effective at filtering contaminants like dust, allergens, and mould. These all pose a threat to your health.

Retrofitted HVACs do not last forever. Eventually, they all need to be replaced. If your retrofitted HVAC is still inefficient, unable to control condensation, or promoting mould growth, it’s time to replace it. Learn more about upgrading your HVAC.

HVAC Companies in Cochrane

Mountains Edge Mechanical provides excellent workmanship and customer service to residential and commercial clients in the Cochrane area. They specialize in HVAC installation, retrofitting, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, they work on ducts, hot water heaters, and gas lines. If you need help with your HVAC system, you know who to call.

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