Signs there’s something wrong with your gas fireplace

A gas fireplace can keep you warm and cozy on a chilly day, provide ambience, and create a focal point in the room. However, if you don’t keep up with its maintenance, things can go wrong.

Ryan My Fireplace Guy Inc. in Calgary is a gas heating appliance expert and a certified gas fitter. They share signs that there’s something wrong with your gas fireplace, and you should call for service.

A gas smell

If you smell gas or a rotten egg odour, stop what you’re doing and leave your home. Natural gas doesn’t have a smell, so a harmless chemical is added to it to give it that distinct smell and warn us of leaks. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. Call your utility company’s emergency line immediately or 911 if you can’t get through. They’ll give you instructions. Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it yourself, light a match, or turn on light switches.

It turns on and off

If you’re enjoying a cozy fire, but then it turns off for no reason, it means something is not working right. There could be a few things wrong. For example, it could have a soot buildup around the pilot light, a jammed burner, or a worn thermocouple or thermopile. Ryan My Fireplace Guy can come to inspect your fireplace, clean it, and make suggestions for maintenance and repairs.

There’s a lot of soot on the glass

Too much soot means your gas fireplace isn’t burning correctly. Unlike wood fireplaces, there shouldn’t be soot buildup anywhere. It means your ceramic logs are in the wrong position and burning, or there’s an issue with the outside venting or fireplace interior. If there is soot, call in for service.

Trouble with the pilot light

The pilot light should essentially stay on between uses. When your gas fireplace works properly, you shouldn’t have to keep relighting it. If it doesn’t stay lit, it can mean a worn-out thermopile. Or, it could be faulty wiring or an issue with the gas line. If you’ve already gone through the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting the pilot light and still have problems, call Ryan My Fireplace Guy.

You’ve never had it serviced

If you’ve bought a home and inherited a gas fireplace or have never had your older fireplace serviced, it’s time to call in a pro! Your gas fireplace and its components will suffer wear and tear, just like any system. It needs maintenance to ensure secure gas connections, clean thermopile and thermocouple, and clean ceramic logs. Gas appliances are a luxury but require regular inspections and maintenance to be safe.

Fireplaces in Calgary

Ryan My Fireplace Guy Ltd. offers gas fireplace and other heating appliance sales, installation, and service. They serve Calgary and the surrounding area and can help you install or repair your gas fireplace. The owner, Ryan, is a highly trained and educated, certified gas fitter with more than 17 years of experience in the field. If you need a new fireplace or fireplace maintenance, you know who to call.

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