Small Wonders: 7 Renovation Tips for Your Small Bathroom

People can’t seem to get enough of house renovation. In 2017, 48% of Canadian homeowners intended to renovate their houses, and 56% of the homeowners would instead renovate than buy a new home.


The main reason for renovation is to recover from the ‘wear and tear’ from years of use. 32% say that repairs are necessary, 25% want to beautify their homes, and 12% want to boost the house value for a pending sale.


The bathroom is one of the most renovated rooms in the house. In Australia, homeowners spend as much as $5,000 to $35,000 for renovating bathrooms. In Canada, baths take up 31% of top renovation projects. These numbers show that no matter where you reside, the bathroom is a primary concern for homeowners.


If you have a small-size bathroom that you want to renovate, read on to get tips on how you can utilize your bathroom despite the small area. If you know how to do renovations right, you can use your small bathroom to its full potential.

Go for a wall-mounted faucet

This faucet is attached to the wall and extends over the sink or vanity. Use a stylish wall-mounted faucet so you can use a narrow vanity. This type looks cleaner than the usual deck-mounted faucet. It also doesn’t look outdated and can fit into any bathroom theme.


Having this type of faucet in your small bathroom also gives you a comfortable time in cleaning your sink. An elevated tap means that there are fewer chances of dirt accumulating around it, and all you have to clean is the sink surface itself and the rim around it.

Add a console sink

This type isn’t typical for most bathrooms, but it’s an excellent addition to small-space bathrooms. Console sinks also come in various styles and materials, so you can choose a design which will complement the rest of your bathroom fixtures.


The freestanding console has four legs which support the sink. The sink can also be wall-mounted, and this type comes with only two legs. Both models have extra spaces under the sink, which you can use for storage of toiletries or bathroom accessories.

Consider a trough sink

Do you share your small bathroom with other people? Using it can be hard if you both have to use it at the same time. Invest in a trough sink for your bathroom. This type has a long, rectangular shape and it comes with two or more taps.


This sink will help you maximize space by using less space. It’s also hassle-free to clean because of its simple design, so you won’t have to stress yourself when it comes to cleaning your bathroom.

Towel bar on the door

You’d probably need the walls for your fixtures, and you’re hesitant to add accessories like towel bars which might make your bathroom walls feel crowded. A solution for this would be to add the bar to your door.


It’ll make the task of reaching for your towel after a bath easy because it’s within your reach, and you’re also saving space in your bathroom. You can store your extra towels on a shelf or under the sink.

Mirror on the wall

A mirror can do wonders for your small bathroom. Get a big mirror that will stretch along the wall so more people can use it at the same time. It will also make the room more vast than it is, adding comfort to your bathroom.


You can also go with a tall mirror coupled with good lighting, and you’ll forget the fact that your bathroom is small. You can even use mirrors for optical illusions. Place one on the wall in front of a window, giving off the effect of having two mirrors instead of one.

Strategic location

You can install the sink in the corner to save space. This strategy works if you’re the only one using the bathroom, or if you and your housemates don’t use the bathroom at the same time. Consider placing it across the toilet rather than the shower.

Go for round vanity

You tend to bump into things when you’re in small spaces. The bathroom is no exception. Sharp corners can give your bruises or cuts. To help reduce the chances of injury, invest in a rounded vanity. It will keep you safe from cuts, and it’s also stylish enough to fit into any bathroom.


If you’re not sure how to fit a rounded vanity in your bathroom, ask your designer for help. In major cities like Melbourne, you can search online for designers for bathroom renovations Melbourne has and choose a company which you like.


Bathrooms of all sizes will eventually require renovation. If you have a small bathroom at home, you can apply these tips which will help you use your room to its full potential. No space is too small for a person who’s creative enough to try new things.





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