Spray gun vs painting with a roller: what to consider

Knowing what paint colours or styles to use are top considerations when painting, but what about the how? There are paintbrushes, rollers, or even spray paint. Depending on what you are painting, and the skill of the painter, one method might be a better choice than the others. Both spray and roll give quality finishes, but which is right for your home project?

Polished Painters in Calgary is a professional painting company. They share more about spray vs roll paint and what you should consider:

Painting with a spray gun

Paint sprayers are a great choice when you have large, open walls that need to be painted. The spray gun applies the paint in a fine mist that coats the surface. The result can be a smoother finish than what a brush or roller can do. It’s also a great way to fill textured surfaces like ceilings, stucco walls, or rough drywall. Spray paint is also used for cabinet refinishing and painting things like banisters, railings, and mantels.

One main downside is that spray paint requires the right practice and skill to get that quality look. The application of the spray’s width and thickness can just as easily lead to a lumpy or overly thick appliance of paint. There’s also much more extensive preparation involved, like wearing a mask and covering every surface in the room you don’t want to paint with plastic protection. Leave these paint jobs to the professionals at Polished Painters. They have the skills, experience, and equipment to get the job done perfectly.

Painting with a roller

Like painting with a brush, roller paint is a more common and easily handled painting tool. It can also cover large surfaces, including ceilings, and is easier to handle if you’re attempting to DIY. Buying a high-quality roller that will apply the paint evenly is a main priority to avoid leaving lint or hair from the roller on the walls. If you tackle high-reach areas, a roller can be outfitted with an extension pole for extra length.

Unlike spray paint, rollers don’t easily cover textured surfaces and may leave behind empty nooks. If you apply uneven pressure while painting with a roller, you could end up with faint lines or even drips on your finished wall. It also takes much longer to paint a large space or multiple rooms, so time management planning is needed.

Best choice

Both options have great benefits, uses, and reasons to use them, so how do you choose? When you hire a professional painting company, they will choose the most effective painting method to achieve your desired results. If you have your mindset on a DIY paint job, do not attempt to use a spray gun. Not only will you have to purchase the gun, learning how to use it properly could take some time and you might not get the best results.

A simple and easy guarantee of quality, time, and cost is to hire a professional. Companies like Polished Painters have extensive experience and skill with both spray and roller paint. They can choose what tool is best for the job, then handle the work quickly and with a professional’s touch. The paint job will last much longer, look even better, and add great value to your home.

Painters in Calgary

Polished Painters offers the same quality and skill for commercial, residential, interior, or exterior projects. Their team can help with advice regarding paint colours, finishes, and other interior finishing ideas. Improve the look and value of your home with a professional paint job this year.

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