Spring Home Maintenance Check-List

Spring Home Maintenance Check-List

With spring comes longer days and warmer weather, much needed relief after a cold and dark winter. Though the arrival of spring is welcomed, with it comes a list of home maintenance tasks that should be done in order to keep your home looking great and its systems operating properly. Here is our Spring Home Maintenance Check-List:

Examine the Roof

Snow, sleet and wind can take a toll on your shingles. Check your roof for missing or damaged shingles. Asphalt shingles that are cracked, peeling or missing granules should be replaced. If you’re noticing that the majority of your shingles are looking this way, you might want to budget a full roof replacement this spring. You should also check the flashing around your vents and chimneys to ensure they are still attached and not damaged. Learn if it is time for a new roof.

Check the Gutters

While you’re examining the roof, check your eavestroughs. Repetitive freezing and thawing over the winter could have caused ice dams, causing your gutters to come away from the roof or sustain other damage. If they are damaged, you will have to repair or replace them. If your gutters are not catching the run off of melting snow and water from your roof, it can cause flooding around your home that could get into the basement. Your gutters should also be clear of debris and your downspouts should lead at least 10 feet away from your home.

Inspect and Clean Exterior Siding

Take a walk around your property and inspect your siding. Peeling, damaged or rotten siding and trim should be repaired or replaced. If it just looks dirty, a pressure washer can remove a winter’s worth of dirt and grime. You’d be amazed on how a good washing can improve your curb appeal.

Inspect the Chimney

If you have a brick or stone chimney, check for missing bricks or cracks in the masonry. After a long winter of use, you should also have the flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweeping company.

Re-Caulk the Windows

Inspect all of your windows to ensure that the caulking and weather stripping has survived the winter. If you see that a seal is broken or find peeling or cracked caulking, replace it with new caulking to prevent air leakage. This will improve your home’s energy efficiency by keeping the cooler air from escaping your home over the summer months.

Service the Air Conditioner

Here comes the sun! Keep your home cool and comfortable by making sure your air conditioning system is in good working order. Change the filter, inspect the hoses and connections for leaks and make sure the drain is working properly. Consider hiring a professional air conditioning company in Edmonton for a full inspection and maintenance service. Annual AC maintenance will extend the life of your unit and ensure it’s running at peak efficiency.

Repair the Deck

Give your deck a good sweep and pressure wash to remove any debris on the surface and in the cracks between the boards. This is a good time to check for any damaged, rotting or warped boards. Replace those boards and determine if your deck needs a new coat of paint or stain. Staining your cedar wood deck will ensure it keeps its beautiful and rich look for years to come.

Prepare the Lawn for Summer

If you want a healthier, green and lush lawn your lawn care regime should start now. Rake the lawn to remove dead grass, leaves and other debris so your lawn can breathe. Make sure your lawn mower and trimmers have sharp blades, fresh oil and gas and give them a tune-up if required. Whether you do it yourself or hire a lawn care company, you should start aerating, fertilizing and watering your lawn now. Read 5 tips to help prepare your lawn for spring.

Clear the Clutter

During the winter it is easy for clutter to accumulate in your home and garage. If you’re ready to do a major purge, consider hiring a dumpster for disposing of broken appliances, furniture, yard debris and other junk that needs to go. Custom closet and storage solution companies can help you organize your things to create a more welcoming and clutter-free living space.

General Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best time to do those big cleaning jobs that usually go neglected during the winter. Wash the windows inside and out, wipe down your baseboards and clean out your kitchen cabinets. It’s also a good time clean your window coverings, vacuum out your furniture and clean your carpets.


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