The basics and benefits of building maintenance

Building maintenance is essential for commercial buildings. It ensures functionality, efficiency, and safety. Additionally, working with a professional maintenance company means you benefit from their extensive knowledge and expertise. In this post, JPAUL Constructions clarifies what is involved in building maintenance and why it’s essential.

Building Maintenance Basics

Building maintenance includes all the tasks to ensure a building is functional, comfortable, and safe. These activities are often “behind the scenes” but essential for ensuring useable and safe working and living environments. Janitorial staff, maintenance technicians, and maintenance supervisors participate in building maintenance in Calgary.

There are many aspects to building maintenance. For example:

Routine maintenance is scheduled preventative maintenance tasks that keep a building in good condition. This includes cleaning, garbage removal, repairing, weeding, and inspecting utility systems (electrical, heating, and air conditioning).

Preventative maintenance prevents damage and protects the building’s structural integrity and durability. Replacing parts before they break, equipment repairs, equipment inspections, flooring repairs, and replacing ceiling tiles are examples of preventative maintenance. 

Corrective maintenance addresses issues when they are discovered. It’s essential to have a corrective maintenance strategy that prevents further damage and restores routine operational procedures as quickly as possible. Corrective maintenance includes plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and exterior repairs.

Benefit 1: Fewer Repairs and Less Damage

Preventative building maintenance means that you will have to deal with fewer repairs, disruptions, and replacements. You save money and time as a result. Every company should have a plan for preventative commercial building maintenance in Calgary.

Constantly repairing and replacing parts of your building is costly. You will spend less money on repairs by keeping your building in good condition. Furthermore, your business experiences fewer work disruptions, which are expensive, inconvenient, and stressful. Preventative maintenance is always more affordable than repair or replacement.

Benefit 2: Improved Efficiency

Properly maintained buildings—and the equipment inside them—function better. Poor maintenance (or no maintenance) and inconsistent inspections lead to slower performance and unexpected breakdowns. This can result in missed deadlines, lower outputs, increased labour costs, and other headaches.

Additionally, building maintenance can increase energy efficiency. Well-maintained buildings are more energy efficient than poorly maintained ones. Consequently, you benefit from lower utility costs.

Benefit 3: Solve a Variety of Problems

Professional building maintenance contractors are incredibly versatile. They offer various problem-solving solutions because of their extensive knowledge of proper building maintenance procedures. Furthermore, they tailor maintenance solutions to meet your specific needs. At JPAUL Construction, we understand that every company and every building is unique. Therefore, we work with you to develop a superior building maintenance package with long-term solutions.

Commercial Building Maintenance with JPAUL Construction

JPAUL Constructions provides building maintenance services and commercial renovations in Calgary. They are with you from design to build to maintenance at every step.

Contact JPAUL Construction today for commercial construction, renovations, and maintenance services. 


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