The benefits of cordless cellular shades

When it comes to window coverings, you have plenty of options. You can choose from a wide variety of blinds, draperies and shades. Window coverings that are motorized, cordless or traditional with cords, with many design styles in each of those categories.

Blind-Shiners Custom Blinds & Draperies in Winnipeg also offer honeycomb cellular shades. This type of window covering gives homeowners plenty of style without compromising function. Here are some benefits of cellular blinds:

Energy efficiency.

Cellular shades have one of the highest thermal performances of any window treatment on the market. The honeycomb pockets in the shake traps air and creates and insulating layer between the window and your home’s interior. They can help keep hot air in during the winter and out in the summer. You can get either single cellular shades or increase efficiency even more with double cellular shades. Learn how honeycomb cellular shades work.

Cordless window coverings are safer.

Dangling cords can be a major hazard for kids and pets. Take away the cords and you remove the danger. With cellular shades, the cord runs through the interior of the shade instead of dangling down. It still functions easily and properly, without the hazard of the cord.

More privacy.

While keeping out light and improving energy efficiency is important, privacy is one of the main reasons we even bother with window coverings. Cordless, honeycomb cellular shades provide optimal privacy, completely blocking the view in from the outside. You can even choose top-down bottom-up shades, to maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to come in. Cellular shades also come in black-out, if you need a completely dark room for a good night’s sleep.

Aesthetically versatile.

Because of their popularity, you will be able to find cellular shades in a with range of colours and styles. Choose from standard neutral colours like grey and beige, as well as bold colours like green or turquoise. You can even choose the size of the cells within the shades. Connect with the design team at Blind-Shiners to find the perfect window covering for your home’s unique style and design.

Window Coverings in Winnipeg

Blind-Shiners has been supplying customers with the finest in custom blinds and draperies from top manufacturers for more than 25 years. They are also in the business of cleaning, repairing and installing all makes and types of blinds and draperies.

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