The benefits of flat roofing

Flat roofs have become more popular in modern home design. We are seeing more flat roofs pop up in residential homes, and they are a strong and durable roofing option. With the right flat roofing system installed by professional installers, your home will be protected for years to come. Roof Effex in Edmonton shares some benefits of flat roofing: 


Flat roofing is a cost-effective option compared to other roofing options. Since it’s easier to install and requires fewer materials, the cost of labour and goods can be much lower than other roofing products. They are also easy and affordable to repair if any damage comes to them. If you’re on a budget and looking to reroof your home, flat roofing may be the best option for you. Learn more about different flat roof types

Additional outdoor space

If you have a multi-level home and are looking for additional outdoor space, a flat roof can make that possible. It offers a surface that can house a balcony, or additional entertaining space, depending on the location of the flat roof. Many homeowners take advantage of this, adding things like solar panels to save money, or an easily accessible garden. The possibilities are endless! 

Easy maintenance

Flat roofs are very easy to maintain. Roof Effex will ensure your flat roof has proper drainage systems in place to keep the water from standing. Your flat roof requires periodic inspections for damage and you should try to keep it clean of debris like leaves and twigs. But, it also provides a nice stable surface for you to stand on when doing maintenance tasks on the roof. This could be cleaning gutters, removing snow, or evening installing Christmas lights! Consider flat roofing for your home, and take advantage of how easy it will be to maintain your home’s roof. 

Temperature regulation

Flat roofs are more energy-efficient than sloped roofs. This is because you can install innovative insulation systems with your flat roof, helping to prevent energy transfer. Also, the new materials used in flat roofing can also lower heat and cooling demands. Some would argue that a flat surface absorbs less UV radiation compared to a slanted one, which can help keep your home cooler in the summer too. Remember, not all flat roofing systems are equal and some materials will be more efficient than others. Talk to the pros at Roof Effex if energy efficiency is a priority for your roof. 

Roofers in Edmonton

Roof Effex specializes in all types of roofing including asphalt, metal, and flat roofing systems. They offer roof solutions for drainage, thermal barriers, waterproofing, protection for patios, venting, and more. They can work with any budget and will ensure your new roof protects your home, improves efficiency, and looks great too!

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