The benefits of rubber paving and booking ahead

When your concrete looks worn out and aged, it’s a great time to think about an upgrade. Instead of replacing the concrete, consider resurfacing it with rubber paving. The option is safer, long-lasting and a great investment.

Concrete Options in Edmonton is a professional rubber paving company that rejuvenates pool decks, driveways, entrances, steps, patios and more. Below, they share the benefits of rubber paving and why you should book your job early for spring!

It’s safer for all ages

Whether you are aging and still living in your own home or have children, concrete in the winter isn’t always safe. Snow and ice buildup can make it slick, and falling on a hard surface can cause severe injuries. Rubber surfaces, however, are softer and slip-resistant, making them a great year-round option to walk or play on. The Rubber paving is also cushiony, making it an excellent choice for a poolside surface.

Wintertime is when people with rubber paving enjoy it the most. Snow & ice can not stick to the rubber paving, so it shovels off much easier.

Colourful choices

One way to add curb appeal and value to your home is to upgrade your driveway. Resurfacing with rubber paving not only gives it a refreshed look but comes in different colours to tie in with your home décor. Your driveway and front entrance can be subtle or bold looking, giving it an extra visual appeal from your neighbours.

Speedy completion

Concrete replacement or repairs takes time as the old surface needs to be removed, which can be very intrusive on your home. Then, once installed, the concrete needs to cure and harden before it can be walked on and 30 days before it can be driven on. Whereas rubber paving is much faster to apply, usually done in a single day and ready to use within 3 to 4 days. That is ideal if you are replacing the driveway or pathways around your home that are used frequently.

Greener benefits

If being Environmentally Friendly around your home is important, then rubber paving is the way to go. Rubber Paving is made from recycled tires, and when used to resurface and rejuvenate existing concrete, you are keeping a lot of tires plus the old concrete out of the landfills. Once installed, that new rubber paving should last for 20+ years with needing minimal maintenance. Additionally, it can be used inside and out, making it a multi-beneficial choice.

Book sooner to benefit faster

Rubber Paving is becoming increasingly more popular. With the trade show and some advertising, we usually have half our season booked before the season starts. If you are interested in learning more or thinking of having your concrete resurfaced, contact us to set a time for a free quote. We can then add you to our schedule.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

Concrete Options prides itself as a “green” company that uses recycled tires in its rubber resurfacing. They repair, level and resurface instead of simply replacing old surfaces. Their cost-effective approach, durable products, and results make their company an excellent option for adding Enjoyment to your concrete surfaces.

Contact Concrete Options today!

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