The benefits of torch down flat roofing

When a home or commercial property has a flat roof, there are special requirements the property owner must consider. For example, there are specific types that property owners can choose from. However, not all types offer the same benefits.

In this article, J-Cubed Custom Inc. in Calgary explains some of the benefits of torch-down installation for flat roofs vs. other options. This way, you can decide if torch down is best for your property.

What is torch down?

Torch down roofing, which is also referred to as torch on roofing as well as modified bitumen or SBS, uses an open-flame propane torch during the installation process. A contractor will use sheets of modified bitumen rolled out onto the roof and will then heat the material using a hand-held propane torch to adhere the material to the roof’s surface.

J-Cubed Custom Inc. invests heavily in the ability to perform torch down installations for its clients because this roofing method requires specific insurance. Knowing your contractor has this type of insurance is important if you’re considering torch down for your flat roof. You should never hire a company for this job if they don’t carry that specific fire insurance. J Cubed Custom will provide a certificate of insurance to each client that signs with them.

Benefits of torch down

There are many benefits of a torch down flat roof. Here J-Cubed Custom Inc. shares some of torch down’s advantages:


Perhaps the most important job of any roof is to keep water out of the property. Torch down roofs are extremely water resistant. They’re also designed to stand up against a number of different climates. Torch down won’t melt in the heat or crack when it gets cold. If properly maintained, your torch down roof can last up to 25 years.

Great for Calgary’s harsh winters

Torch-down roofs are also a great choice for Calgary flat roof properties because it offers outstanding water resistance. Torch down uses 2-ply material, while other types of flat roofing uses 1-ply. This contributes to torch down’s ability to stand up against harsh winters and changing climates.

Welded seams

Last but certainly not least, another great benefit of torch down is that this installation method welds seams together with flame making them monolithic. With other systems, seams connect using glue, tapes and hot air guns. This adds to the longevity of a torch-down roof.

Highly skilled professionals

Torch down is a highly skilled installation method. This means only a certified journeyman can install a torch-down roof. When only a highly-skilled professional can install your torch down roof you know your property is in good hands.

As is required, J-Cubed Custom Inc. will only use a certified journeyman to install your torch down flat roof. If you have any questions about the installation process or any other questions regarding torch down roofs, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Cost difference

It’s important to note that there is a cost difference between torch down roofing and other types. This cost difference is in part due to the specialized labour, fire insurance policy required for torch down roofing and the overall higher quality roofing system you get. Two layers rather than one. In addition, torch down roofs are extremely durable and will last for years to come. It is worth investing in this quality roofing system.

Flat Roofing in Calgary

J-Cubed Custom Inc. offers full-service sloped and flat roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. This company uses a team of skilled journeymen roofers, journeymen carpenters, coppersmiths and sheet metal experts on all its work. They can also provide wood frame construction as J-Cubed Custom Inc. believes that the roof and frame of a property are heavily linked. This company’s workforce is also entirely covered through WCB, and they are a RenovationFind Certified company with an A+ rating.

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