The Value of a New Fence

Building a fence around your property will give your home security, privacy and improve resale value. Whether you are planning on living in your house for a long time, or selling in the future, building new fencing is a worthwhile investment.

Absolute Landscape Construction in Edmonton is a full-service landscaping company that offers deck and fence construction. They share more information on the value of a new fence:

Future buyers will want a fence.

Most people would prefer a home and yard that has a strong, attractive fence build around the perimeter. The main reason is to have their children and pets contained safely in the yard. For anyone that has a dog, fencing is a top priority when looking to buy a house.

People are also attracted to the idea of a private backyard oasis. A fence can add privacy and help achieve this. Buyers want to picture themselves relaxing in the yard, without being watched by every passerby. This gives the homeowner a sense that they have a contained space to call their own. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, you’ll want these things too.

Attractive fences improve curb appeal.

Home value can be affected by how the home looks. A home with a decrepit fence, or no fence at all, will not be appraised as high as a home that has a new fence. While it’s difficult to calculate a specific cost vs. value on fence construction, we do know that a house with a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing fence will show well and sell faster. If you’re not planning on selling your home, you’ll enjoy the way your home looks. You’ll also appreciate the privacy and security a fence adds to your property.

Fencing can define spaces.

A well-built and beautifully designed fence will help define the shape of your yard. It can make your yard feel cozy, private and safe. Absolute Landscape Construction will work with you to design a fence that matches your home’s style and meets your needs for your property and outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re building it for yourself to enjoy, or to help you sell your home, hiring professional fencing contractors can help improve your yard and property overall. Check out these 10 modern fence ideas.

Fence Contractors in Edmonton

For over a decade, Absolute Landscape Construction has been trusted Edmonton landscapers and fence contractors. They can assist with all aspects of your landscaping including retaining walls, planters, patios and walkways, water features, decks, fencing and more.

Absolute Landscape Construction is committed to honesty, integrity and perseverance in all they do. They’re more than just Edmonton landscapers; they’re a team you can trust.

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