Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Garage Door

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With most mechanical systems in our home, we usually don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong. This is especially true of your garage door. Whether you need a new garage door for your home or business, or your current garage door needs repair, a reputable overhead door company like Diesel Overhead Doors in Calgary can help.

Here are some common problems you might face with your garage door that mean it’s time for garage door repair or replacement:

The garage door is off it’s tracks!

This can happen when one or both horizontal tracks of your garage door system is out of alignment. In minor cases, you might hear a rubbing noise when the garage door opens and closes. Misalignment can occur if brackets or bolts holding the brackets that hold the track comes loose or if it becomes damaged over time with wear and tear.

If your garage door is literally falling off the track and has become a hazard, call a company that offers garage door repair in Calgary immediately! If the rollers are still securely on the tracks, you can close the door and try tightening any loose bolts that hold the bracket. If you’re unsure or it looks like the misalignment is beyond repair, you might have to have a new garage door track installed.

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The door won’t open or close.

If your garage door won’t open, many things might be wrong. First, make sure the system is getting power and that your remote batteries are not dead! You should also check that there isn’t something blocking your garage door sensors and learn how to align garage door sensors.

There could be an issue causing your transmitters to not work properly. If you’re in range of your door, hit the button and the door still won’t open, make sure there is nothing blocking the antenna on your vehicle and that it is not damaged. If your garage door seems to be opening and closing sporadically, you could have an issue with the system and will have to replace it.

A garage door that won’t open may also have broken springs. If you have heard a loud bang from your garage, this might be the case. If you find any cables, springs or roller bearings that look loose or damaged, do not attempt to fix them yourself. These components are under extreme tension and can be dangerous causing serious injury or even death. Always call in the professionals to do this garage door repair for you.

The door closes fast with a loud thud!

Your tension springs and cables are there to help your garage door lower slowly and safely. If they break, your door could slam down really fast and make a loud thud or bang with it hits the ground. If this is happening, get it repaired quickly. It can be very dangerous and can crush a person, pet or item that is below the door.

If the springs are broken, it means more tension will be put on your cables and they can suddenly break too, snapping like rubber band. You should refrain from using your garage until this is fixed. If your cables snap while someone is near, it can cause serious injury and damage to any vehicles in there.

Garage Door Repair in Calgary

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