Things to consider before choosing cedar siding

Like any natural wood product, cedar siding is an undeniably beautiful home addition. Its durability and variety of designs are what lends itself to be a perfect fit for many homes. Still, cedar siding distinguishes itself from other sidings for more than just its beauty. So, before choosing cedar siding, it’s important to know more about it.

Curtis West Building Products in Edmonton offers premium exterior siding for both residential and commercial homes. They share some things to consider first, before choosing cedar siding for your home:

Beauty requires maintenance

Cedar siding has natural antibacterial benefits, making it more resistant to termites, rot, and mildew. If left untreated, it will naturally age and whiten, providing a visually appealing appearance to your home. However, cedar isn’t wholly maintenance-free and will require much more regular upkeep than other sidings. To avoid the cedar from fading, regularly re-stain it every three to five years. Wash it regularly to clean off any debris that can cause damaging mould growth.

Despite the added maintenance, though, cedar siding is very durable and will last for many years. It also gives off a natural cedar scent, that many homeowners find calming and appealing. Cedar is also an excellent natural insulator and will help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. With the right care, it is an investment well-worth its beauty.

Full house siding or accent?

The cost of cedar siding is another point of consideration, especially since it means a higher upfront cost. Still, this initial cost will pay itself off over its naturally long lifespan. If professionally installed and cared for, cedar can easily last 25 years or more. If the cost of a full house siding is too expensive, then consider accenting with cedar instead. Accent siding is the perfect way to still add curb appeal and design to your home’s exterior.

Pair cedar with options such as vinyl or aluminum siding to create a beautiful blend of the two. The cedar creates visual points of interest and still offers that natural, wood appeal. At the same time, the vinyl provides a cost-effective siding solution. Cedar can also be patterned in either bevel, tongue and groove, board and batten and many other designs. Whichever design you choose, it’ll add a unique touch to your home that will make it a stand-out feature. Need some design inspiration? Take a look at these cedar siding houses for your own home. 

Horizontal or vertical?

The choice between horizontal or vertical siding isn’t unique to just cedar, but it’s still important to consider. Because cedar is more difficult to install, the labour costs will be higher. Likewise, installing vertical siding is more complex and so also more expensive. Still, vertical siding is less commonly used and so adds a unique style to your home. With vertical cedar, it will give your home a sense of height and grandness. The clean, straight lines will also lend themselves to a more sophisticated appearance.

Horizontal siding is faster and easier to install, and so is less expensive. As it is also one of the most popular choices, it’s a perfect pairing for cedar. By choosing horizontal, the beauty of the cedar stays as the main feature added to your home.

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