Why now is a great time to renovate your bathroom

If you’re no longer enjoying your home environment, feeling tired of that wall colour, or frustrated by a dysfunctional layout, then it’s time for an update. A home renovation is a great way to increase your quality of life and the value of your property. In fact, this cost vs. value report shows that a bathroom renovation can add 60% of its price to the value of your home.

Alfa Reno in Calgary provides beautiful home renovations that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Here’s why you should renovate your bathroom.

Create a more functional layout

Maybe your home is older, and your bathroom layout never worked. Or, perhaps your family and life have changed. Regardless, your bathroom isn’t meeting your needs, the layout is dysfunctional and a regular cause of frustration. A remodel can turn your bathroom into the relaxing space you deserve. By updating the layout, even a small bathroom can become the perfect retreat instead of a source of frustration. Alfa Reno can create a custom design that meets your needs best.

You can add more storage

No one wants a cluttered bathroom. While redesigning your bathroom to have a more functional layout, you can also add more storage. With an updated design, you can make the most out of your space. Finally, you can reclaim your bathroom counter space by increasing the amount of storage. Install shelving, create under-sink storage, or even swap out your tub for a shower to make more room.

Increase energy efficiency

Older bathrooms, fixtures, and faucets were not created with energy efficiency in mind. Typically, a massive amount of water is wasted in the bathroom every day. By updating your fixtures and faucets to water-efficient models, you can reduce this wastage, save money, and protect the environment. Ask Alfa Reno about your options for low-flow, water-efficient toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

Update chipped and stained tiles

Damaged tiles and discoloured grout are an eyesore. Because grout is prone to stains and mould, it’s tough to clean. Installing new custom tiling is an easy way to refresh your bathroom. Fresh tiles and grout on your bathroom floor, around the vanity, or in the shower can make a world of difference. If you have noticed mould growing in the grout, then it’s crucial to replace it as soon as possible  Mould poses a threat to your health and must be removed thoroughly.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Alfa Reno are bathroom and kitchen renovation specialists! They’ve served Calgary and surrounding communities for more than 20 years, offering quality design, installation, and renovation services. With their help, creative ideas, the right materials, and budget in mind, they can help you reach your renovation goals with the desired results.

Contact Alfa Reno to get started on your bathroom renovation!

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