Tips for Buying New Windows

Purchasing new windows for your home has many benefits. You will greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce the amount of energy loss and your monthly heating and cooling bills. You will also boost curb appeal and improve resale value.

Here are some tips for purchasing new windows:

Hire and work with a reputable window company.

The first step in your window replacement project should be to find and work with an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy window installation company. Not only can they help you choose the right window type and style, window installation can be complicated and is a job best left to the professionals. Find a window company that has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your new windows are energy efficient, match your home’s style and are installed correctly.

Choose a window style.

There are so many styles of windows to choose from! Choose from bay windows, bow windows, garden/greenhouse windows, casement windows and a variety of sliding windows. The type of windows you choose should complement your home’s style and design, provide good natural light and match your budget.

Select a window frame.

There are three basic frame types on the market for window replacements: vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice among homeowners. Innovative manufacturing has made new vinyl windows the most cost-effective option for high-quality energy efficient windows. They come in a few colour options, but cannot be painted. Fiberglass is twice the price of vinyl but unlike vinyl, can be painted or made to mimic real wood. Wood windows are a beautiful and traditional choice, but they require more maintenance and upkeep.

Ask about additional features.

Your new windows are going to look great, but window manufacturers offer additional features that will really enhance their style and design. Ask about grills, fancy hardware, and mouldings that will give your window installation that ‘wow factor’.

Ensure your windows are energy efficient.

While most windows on the market are energy efficient, always double check for the ENERGY STAR label. Your windows may not consume energy, but they are the number one culprit when it comes to energy loss. ENERGY STAR certified windows can save you an average of 8% on your energy bills compared to standard windows. Windows that are ranked ENERGY STAR Most Efficient are up to 40% more efficient compared to standard windows. A window replacement is a huge investment, make sure your money is invested wisely by purchasing energy efficient windows.

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