Tips for choosing an interior paint finish

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Paint can transform the look and feel of your home’s interior. If you’ve already chosen the perfect paint colours, it’s time to consider your options for paint finishes. University First Class Painters in Edmonton shares helpful tips on different paint finishes, their pros and cons, and the best applications for each.


A matte finish is what you are likely to see in most home’s interiors. It’s easy to apply to your walls, and can effectively cover up any colours or blemishes with enough coats. Since it’s a matte, there’s no shine to it, simply the colour itself. While it may be the “standard” in many homes, it does come with the downside of being easily marked. On occasion, the marks can come off, but in some cases repainting may be necessary. Matte paint is great for hiding any imperfections on your walls, but not a great choice for walls that require wiping a lot like the bathroom or kitchen.

Matte enamel 

Looking for something strong than matte paint while still being a standard colour? Matte enamel paint may be the interior paint for you. It’s more durable than regular matte paint, meaning it’s more difficult to mark. This fnish is ideal for families that may have children since it’s harder to damage and easier to clean. It’s also great to use this paint in rooms that are more prone to getting the walls dirty, including kitchens, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms.

Semi-gloss and gloss 

Semi-gloss and gloss finishes will add more shine while adding additional durability to your walls. Gloss is the shinier of the two. Both semi-gloss and gloss paint can be wiped down without damaging the finish, so they’re good for spaces that need cleaning more often. A downside to gloss paint is that it won’t hide imperfections as effectively as a matte paint would. While gloss paint may also have a longer drying time, it typically only requires fewer coats than other types of finishes. Semi-gloss has less of a shine than full-gloss and might be a good choice if you’re worried about light reflecting off the walls.


A satin finish is less commonly seen in homes but has its fair share of benefits. If you’re looking for a combination of matte and gloss paint, satin could be the paint for you. It has a less intense shine than a semi-gloss or gloss paint may have, and will hold its colour through cleaning. It’s also a softer option. However, it will be less effective at hiding imperfections on your wall.

Painters in Edmonton

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