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When you have plans to build a new custom home or renovation, it’s essential to have the best designs and blueprints. However, looking at drawings alone make it difficult to really visualize how the space will look. That’s why the immersive WalkOn experience is so transformative for a perfect renovation. Plus, it can be fun too. 

WalkOn Plans in Langley is a professional home design services company. They share more about their firsthand WalkOn service and how it will benefit your building project. 

What is the WalkOn experience?

The WalkOn experience takes project floors plans and projects them onto the floor. Doing so allows you to physically walk through the layout of your future dream home or room. The innovative program can even be used by everyone from clients, homeowners, designers and architects. For homes, it’s the ideal way to do an in-person walkthrough with your contractor or designer. Likewise, an architect and builder can walk around and discuss plans. 

What are the benefits?

The most significant benefit of the WalkOn experience is that it allows you to experience your building before it’s already built. So instead of walking through a physical skeleton only to discover it isn’t quite big enough, you can know from the start. It also allows you to get a head start on any potential design plan layouts. As a result, you can make sure all your furniture not only fits but will also look good in the spots you have planned. 

It isn’t just limited to residential homes either and can work for commercial builds as well. In a new business or office space, having the right layout and design is especially crucial. You want employees to feel comfortable in their work environment to maximize productivity and work quality. You also want to make sure the plan is perfect since it plays a critical role in the project’s cost, efficiency, and timeline. 

Guaranteed price

Building design plans are a crucial part of putting together the proper budget for the project. Still, when unexpected problems arise or a change in materials and plans, it affects that planning. Having a contingency budget can help with those unexpected changes, but what if you never had to use it? Using WalkOn experience lets you catch any problems before they even come up, so you can fix them early. That way, once you have a set layout and design, you can set the budget with confidence. It helps eliminate unexpected surprises and cost overruns. 

Home Design Services in Langley

WalkOn Plans created innovative technology to save homeowners, architects, building designers and other clients from disastrous projects. Instead of working from a PDF alone, it places control of the work right into the owner’s hands. With full control from start to finish, it ensures absolute peace of mind for the entire experience.

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