Trust your new wood fence to experienced contractors

A new wood fence can dramatically improve curb appeal and the look of your property overall. On the practical side, it provides privacy and security and ensures the safety of kids and pets in the yard.

Goodfella’s Enterprises in Edmonton is a full-service contracting company that offers renovation services for your home’s interior and exterior. As one of the top fence contractors in the capital region, they share how their expertise can make the difference:

Knowledge and attention to details matter

Building a wood fence can be considered a DIY project for some. However, learning to do things online can never replace years of practical experience and knowledge. Goodfellas Enterprises goes the extra mile and does what most DIYers don’t know what to do and what most fence contractors do not do. For example, they seal every cut to deter rot and damage and extend the longevity of your fence. They also install screws at the halfway point of every rail. This provides resistance to sagging and twisting over time.

If an unexpected challenge arises, a professional fence contractor will have the expertise to know how to remedy the situation and keep the project on track. In addition, they can advise on fence design, products, and other details to ensure you get the premium fence you’re paying for.

Experience will save time and sometimes money

Building a wood fence is an enormous job. First, you’ll have to demolish, remove, and dispose of the old fence in many cases. Next, you’ll need to take several trips to the building supply store for tools, supplies, and lumber and haul it back to your property. Then you’ll have to augur holes for fence posts, mix and pour concrete, and then construct the actual fence.

Fencing contractors do this every day. They have the experience, proper tools, and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. Hiring a contractor for your fencing project will save a significant amount of time and effort. Plus, they won’t make mistakes that might cause the homeowner to redo the work and purchase more materials. Instead, you’ll get a sturdy, beautiful fence that will last for years.

They take care of pre-construction details

Before you build anything on your property that requires digging, you must mark the utility lines. Digging into natural gas, power line, cable line, or other utilities can be extremely dangerous. Plus, you’ll be responsible for damages if they occur. Goodfella’s Enterprises starts every fence building job by having the utilities marked. They also take care of obtaining permits when required and ensuring your fence is compliant with local building code and zoning requirements.

More than just fence builders

While Goodfella’s is a top fence builder in Edmonton, they offer a wide range of residential construction services. Basically, if you need something done in your home – they can do it!

They offer kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations, flooring installation, paint, trim, and more. To enhance your exterior, they do window replacements, roofing, siding, eavestrough, as well as concrete installation. Since they’re expert carpenters, you can trust Goodfella’s Enterprises to improve your outdoor living spaces with a new deck, pergola, raised planters for vegetable gardens and flower beds, and other outdoor landscaping features. In addition, they can design your outdoor additions to complement that new wood fence!

Fence Contractors in Edmonton

Goodfella’s brings a strong team of master craftsmen and has access to award-winning interior designers for your home renovations and construction projects. They work with over 20 experienced trades that can assist with your home projects, inside and outside of the home. Whether you’re renovating your interior or building a new wood fence, you can trust the experience and expertise of this reputable contracting company.

Get started on your project. Contact Goodfella’s Enterprises today!

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