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Benefits of hiring a property management company

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The slowing economy has raised a concern for many families in Alberta.  Wavering job security and an unsettling throughout several of the province’s key industries has caused a reason to diversify income streams.  Property owners are looking for ways to use what they already own to generate additional income and financial security.

Fortunately, the Edmonton housing market is still stable.  Prices have not dropped, but homes-for-sale are sitting on the market a little longer.  Becoming a landlord could be a great alternative to selling your property.  It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, which is why professional property management companies like Rental Advisors can be a huge help and a very smart investment.

“For years, I have taken on the responsibility of finding a good renter, dealing with their problems and collecting the rent money.  I always put off hiring a rental manager and thought I would save money by doing it myself.’’– RC, property owner.

property manager edmonton Having to pay someone for something you could potentially do yourself is a big reason why new landlords don’t consider hiring a property management company.  You might be surprised at how affordable property management services actually are, especially when considering the amount of work they will take off of your plate.  The Rental Advisors have the market knowledge and experience to see where you’re spending, how you could save and how you could actually increase your rental income.

“When I retired, I thought of selling the apartment but as home prices were down, I decided to try a rental manager. When they deducted their fee [from the rent], I had a little more money than I had when I was doing all the work myself.  I had been charging too low a rent for the area.” RC, property owner.

Rental Advisors will take care of everything. 

Advertising your property:  Bad advertising results in bad applicants, or even no applicants at all.  Your property will be reviewed and a proper listing including professional photos, a detailed description of the property and surrounding area will be posted on five professional listing websites, including www.rentaladvisors.ca.

Screening applicants:  Having a bad tenant is every landlord’s nightmare.  A bad tenant can cause property damage, a lot of stress and strain your finances.  A professional property manager will obtain full applications from potential tenants, perform an extensive financial screening, collect employment references and past landlord references to ensure qualified, responsible tenants are renting your property.

Complete management of the rental property.  You will be surprised at how little you’ll have to take care of after hiring Rental Advisors.  They do it all from collecting the damage deposit, walk through inspections, collecting the rent, making sure all documents are in place, manage maintenance requests from your renter and many other tasks.

Taking care of the tough issues. A property management company will deal with all of the negative things that might come up with your renters.  These issues could include trouble collecting rent, evictions, tenant disputes and complaints and violations of the rental agreement.  Rental Advisors will conduct regular target inspections to ensure your tenants are abiding by the rental agreement.

“Because of Rental Advisors, I now have no intention of selling my little apartment.  As long as they are working for me, I feel secure in the knowledge that things are well taken care of.” RC, property owner.

If you’re considering becoming a landlord for the first time, contact Rental Advisors.


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