What is Engineered Hardwood & Where Can I Find It?

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Timeless, classic, and elegant, hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice amongst homeowners. However, solid hardwood flooring requires maintenance and care requirements that aren’t always suitable for certain climates. New technology and manufacturing practices have made it easier for homeowners in dry, cold climates (like Edmonton!) to have the same natural look but without the maintenance hassles. Cue engineered hardwood! But what is engineered hardwood, and where can you find it?

What is Engineered Hardwood Made From?

Unlike laminate, engineered hardwood is made from natural (not synthetic) materials. Layers of wood are piled together with a finished piece of solid wood veneer on top. This gives it a natural look that’s almost indistinguishable from solid hardwood.

In addition, the layers of wood are also placed in different directions. This manufacturing method helps prevent warping when exposed to moisture.

Engineered Hardwood is Easier to Maintain

Now that we’ve answered the question of what is engineered hardwood, let’s move onto some of the benefits of this flooring type!

Because engineered hardwood is manufactured for enhanced durability and to prevent warping and swelling, it’s also far easier to maintain. While solid hardwood requires moisture-control measures and has extra care requirements for any location that experiences climate extremes, engineered hardwood doesn’t have these restrictions.

To maintain hardwood floors, all you need is a lightweight vacuum and damp (not wet!) mop. Keep in mind that vacuums with rotating bristles can damage your floors. Try to opt for a vacuum designed for hardwood.

Installing Engineered Hardwood

Unlike with solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood comes with more versatile installation methods. While most engineered hardwood is installed with the nail down method and often requires experienced installers, there’s new products that are designed for click and lock installation and even glue-down.

For the nail down method, you must first have a plywood or wood subfloor. For click and lock and glue-down, you can install the engineered hardwood directly to a concrete floor or over existing tile. However, it’s important to keep in mind that although engineered hardwood prevents moisture damage, it can still warp if exposed to sitting water. So, if you’re installing directly over concrete, make sure there’s not too much rising humidity.

Cost of Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is less expensive than solid wood but more expensive than laminate. On average, engineered hardwood costs anywhere between $4-$9 per square foot, depending on style, quality, and location.

If well taken care of, engineered hardwood can last up to 40 years. It can also improve the resale value of your home or property.

It’s also important to note that engineered hardwood cannot be sanded and refinished if scratched. The damaged plank would have to be replaced.

Best Place to Buy Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

We’ve answered your lingering question on what is engineered hardwood, and we’ve also included some benefits and other important information. But now you might be wondering: what is the best place to buy engineered hardwood flooring?

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