The 5 Best Garage Floor Coating Companies in Calgary


The Best Garage Floor Coating Companies in Calgary

There are many ways to restore concrete back to a new state. And when you restore concrete floors, you make them more resistant to hazards, damage, or moisture. The two main methods for restoring garage floors in Calgary include concrete floor coating systems or concrete polishing services. Concrete floor polishing is a simple method of identifying, sealing, and clear-coating concrete. This method also rids the surface of any imperfections, leaving a smooth and sometimes coloured finish.

Concrete floor coatings are a bit more complex and involve various material choices. But we are here to help you choose the best concrete finishing or coating system for your situation as a home or business owner. Before you begin, you’ll need to consider your budget, style and coating material preferences. It is also important to note whether your project is residential, commercial, or industrial. Then, you can choose a company and a product that will suit your specific application best.

Common types of garage floor coatings 

Here is a quick guide to the basement and garage floor coatings in Calgary that you could apply to your floors.

Polyaspartic floor coating

These are polyurea-based floor coatings. Polyaspartic floor coatings often have a faster curing time, little-to-no off-gassing, and a higher UV resistance than epoxy floors. They’re strong, durable, and easy to clean. In fact, due to the product’s flexibility, polyaspartic coatings can be more stain and scratch-resistant than epoxy floor coatings. But unfortunately, they can start to peel if your garage floor has moisture issues. Additionally, these garage floor coatings usually come at a higher price tag in exchange for those benefits.

Epoxy floor coating

These are based on a polymer resin. The epoxy floor coating system is popular for a few reasons. First, epoxy basement and garage floors are a cost-effective way to add a great deal of style and protection to concrete floors. Epoxy floor coating does not set and dry as quickly as polyaspartic coating dries. But, the cost savings may be worth the time.

Unfortunately, you may also get more off-gassing with epoxy floor coatings. But this is why it is important to find certified professionals for finishing your concrete floors. There are high-quality epoxy coating products with a lower VOC formula. Epoxy-coated floors become more durable, smoother, and easier to clean than regular concrete. With a range of visual customization options, the epoxy coating can turn old or damaged concrete into the room’s centrepiece.

Custom garage floor coatings

The garage floor coating companies in Calgary are a committed and innovative group of businesses. You will find various signature types of concrete floor coating between these garage and flooring professionals. The signature floor coatings are either polyaspartic or polyurea based.

Additionally, these companies offer coatings for more than concrete. You can find floor coating for wood decks, patios, exterior parking pads and driveways, and floor coating for residential renovations. Each company’s unique floor coating systems have benefits like durability, damage resistance, dirt and dust resistance, or lower environmental impact. As a business owner or homeowner, you will be able to appreciate the extensive amount of research and development put into the different floor coating systems. In addition, these companies each have their own teams of expert installers for their floor coating systems.

More about concrete polishing

The concrete floor polishing process involves grinding and sanding down the material. After enough sanding and grinding, the concrete floors have a polished and glossy finish. These features also leave the floors easier to clean and maintain. This can be a perfect garage floor coating in Calgary, where vehicles can drag debris from the roads. Concrete polishing can also be a sleek and modern decor feature for any room in a home.

The Best Garage Floor Coating Companies in Calgary

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Calgary garage floor coating companies:

1. The Garage Store

Phone  (587) 355-5157

The Garage Store prides itself on offering Calgary homeowners exceptional results with their garage floor projects. Through clear communication, they’ll help create what you’ve envisioned for your garage. They love what they do and are passionate about finding a garage floor solution that works best for you. They also offer garage cabinetry, storage, decor and accessories to complete the project.

This company offers a vast range of garage floor coating options. For example, they offer the full line of Sparta solutions (Sparta-Chip, Sparta-Guard, Sparta-Quartz, Sparta-Stain, and Spara-Cote Diamond Topp. In addition, they provide a range of metallic and thick mil coatings, concrete polishing, sealers, and densifiers. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable option, ask them about their Perfection floor tiles. Learn more on their website or by visiting their showroom in Calgary!

Key Services & Features

-Signature Sparta-Chip, Sparta-Guard, and Sparta-Quartz polyaspartic concrete floor coating
-Signature Sparta-Stain concrete finishing
-Concrete floor polishing
-Alpen Glow metallic floor coating
-Concrete sealing and densifying
-Garage storage solutions & installation
-Garage decor and accessories

Customer Feedback

Don and his team were excellent to deal with from the first time I went into their showroom and then with some post-installation questioning. Most of their installation crews have been with them for 10+ years which says a lot about the quality of the company and their experience shows through in the finished product! I highly recommend The Garage Store and I am very pleased that I took their recommendation to do the side wall and steps to the back door.

-J, Google

2. Chephren Building Solutions

Phone 780-236-2888
RenovationFind Profile

Chephren Building Solutions cater to Alberta customers with various construction and flooring services. Chephren offers help with unique construction projects, like deck repairs, vinyl deck installation, and interior or exterior railing installation. The Chephren team of experts has 20 years of experience with these projects and with garage renovations and garage floor coatings in Calgary.

Furthermore, Chephren is an authorized installer of the Flexstone Liquid Coating system, which they use to coat garage and basement floors. With the help of their certified master Flexstone installers, you can get custom, essential, or creative floor coating solutions. Flexstone, a polyurethane-based coating, is flexible and durable, acting as a waterproof membrane. Flexstone also has versatility in its applications: it can be used as an exterior or interior floor coating on different surfaces.

Key Services & Features

-Authorized dealer/installer of Flexstone Liquid Coating Systems
-Flexstone garage floor coating
-Complete garage renovations
-Vinyl decking
-Interior and exterior railing installation
-Deck repairs and installation

Customer Feedback

Our original vinyl duradeck had some issues and Andrew at Chephren did a great job reviewing some repair options with us and we landed on the Flexstone option to redo our 2nd level deck. Final result looks fantastic and the Team at Chephren did a great job on the install.

-Rob, Google

3. VokeStone Crowns

Phone 403-921-7340
RenovationFind Profile

The owner of VokeStone Crowns is a scientist and engineer. With his background in these areas, he developed the VokeStone Crown floor coating, or overlay, system. The system was designed to create an ideal alternative to concrete floor replacement. This type of concrete floor finishing can be applied to residential, commercial, or industrial floors. VokeStone Crowns floor coatings are functional for covering up the old concrete basement and garage floors. You can also lay VokeStone over outdoor concrete pads like patios.

The VokeStone system is perfect as a concrete coating in Calgary, too. Specifically because it is dust and mineral resistant. So if you use VokeStone in a garage, the winter dirt, debris, and salt are less likely to damage or stain the floor.

Key Services & Features

-Signature VokeStone crowns concrete coating, a man-made stone that binds to concrete
-Industrial quality overlay installation
-Concrete floor coating and finishing
-Retrofitting garages for hot water heating

Customer Feedback

VokeStone Crowns doesn’t have many online reviews yet! If you’re worked with this company, be one of the first to share your feedback!

4. ETS Group

Phone 403-474-9966
RenovationFind Profile

ETS Group offers residential and commercial painting. They also provide residential and commercial epoxy floor coating. With the ETS Group line of services, you can have an old garage or basement looking better than new in no time. Regarding commercial epoxy floor coatings, ETS can help with small areas and more extensive industrial floors. And, if you are looking for something a bit wilder (or simply more ‘you’), the ETS Group has professional experience in mixing and pouring metallic or flake polyaspartic floor coatings.

Key Services & Features

-Metallic and flake polyaspartic garage or basement floor coatings
-Epoxy garage floor coating
-Epoxy basement floor coating
-Commercial and residential painting
-Commercial, residential, and industrial floor coating
-Creation of vivid and colourful epoxy floor designs

Customer Feedback

ETS Group doesn’t have many online reviews yet! If you’re worked with this company, be one of the first to share your feedback!

5. Zone Garage

Phone 403-614-6629
RenovationFind Profile

Zone Garage has two focuses: basement and garage floor coating in Calgary and improving the look of basements and garages. They are experts in sprucing up most old floors with coatings, polishing, and densifying or sealing concrete. Zone Garage work on both commercial and residential floor coating projects and work on both for concrete polishing.

Furthermore, they’ll help your floor look better than new with either epoxy floor coating or  ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings. Both of Zone’s floor coating systems enable you creative freedom over colour and finish styles. For example, their concrete polishing can transform dull and grey concrete into shades of evergreen, cranberry, or aquamarine (to name a few). And if you simply want to improve the quality of your concrete floors, Zone Garage can offer stand-alone densifying and sealing services. Concrete is densified and sealed together with coating the floors.

Key Services & Features

-Epoxy garage floor coating
-Basement floor epoxy coating
-Commercial and industrial epoxy floor coating
-Concrete polishing
-An EZ Polish System for adding colour to polished concrete
-Signature ZG-SHIELD® POLYUREA and polyaspartic garage floor coatings for commercial or residential
-Concrete densifying and sealing

Customer Feedback

Steve & Aaron were outstanding to work with, on time, Aaron was very thorough & did the job right explaining what they are doing every step of the way. Steve always made sure I was happy along the entire process. Great work & excellent experience.

-Steve, Google



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Floor finishing comes in many forms. And even when it comes to concrete alone, there are many ways to make it look better than ever. The polyaspartic floor coating systems are a high-end flooring option thanks to all the positive features. But epoxy floor coatings will provide you with limitless style options and just as smooth a finish. And now, you may know more about simple flooring options, like concrete densifying, sealing, or polishing. Whether you have an idea of what you want or are starting from scratch, contacting one of these garage floor coating companies is the best place to start.

These garage floor coating companies in Calgary are expertly trained and certified to assist you with choosing the best option for your project. They also each offer more services to help you with other garage renovations, exterior renovations, and commercial or industrial flooring.

Remember, RenovationFind Certified companies have cleared legal and financial checks. They have proof of business licensing, liability insurance, and WBC coverage. In addition, our third-party organization continually monitors these businesses to ensure compliance with our high standards.

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