What is poly-b plumbing and why it needs replacing

If you are an owner of an older home, you must know about poly-b plumbing. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you should also read up about poly-b plumbing. Even if you’ve lived in your home for years and have never heard this term before, don’t fret.

Always Plumbing and Heating are here to share all about what poly-b plumbing is and why, if you have it, you’ll need to replace it.

What is poly-b plumbing?

Also known as polybutylene, poly-b is a flexible plastic. It became a popular material for use in plumbing and pipes between the years 1978 and 1995. Its popularity was the result of its flexibility and low cost. However, as the years have gone on, the plumbing industry has come out with far superior materials. Poly-b is no longer used and no longer complies with the current building code. Home inspectors and plumbers now recommend that poly-b be replaced. Read on to discover why you should replace your old and recalled poly-b.

The downside of poly-b

It may have worked as a low-cost option in days gone by, but poly-b pipes will leak and burst over time. This leads to far more costly issues, like water damage, down the road. Poly-b is also a weak material that is permeable to oxygen. So, sooner or later, your oxidized water will significantly cut into the lifespan of your pipes. Sunlight can also break down poly-b prematurely and lead to bigger plumbing problems — and there are still many more dangers of poly-b piping.

Always Plumbing and Heating Ltd. has extensive experience replacing poly-b plumbing and piping. They can help you find safer, more efficient, and affordable options.

Replace your poly-b ASAP

There are many reasons why you should replace your poly-b. First, you want peace of mind that your pipes aren’t going to suddenly burst. Second, many insurance companies are declining home insurance for homeowners with poly-b plumbing. Furthermore, home buyers will often say no to a home with poly-b plumbing or at least factor the replacement cost into their offer.

Always Plumbing and Heating Ltd. wants you to live without the stress of knowing your home plumbing system isn’t at risk for a major leak. Reach out to discuss your options!

The replacement process

Always Plumbing and Heating Ltd uses a three-step replacement process to rid your home of poly-b and upgrade your plumbing system. The first step is preparation. With this step, their company will do a home assessment to determine how much poly-b you have in your home. They’ll also figure out how best to access all the poly-b.

Next, pipe replacement will begin. Always Plumbing and Heating Ltd. will make entry holes in the drywall and ceiling to complete all the work and replace the poly-b lines with copper. Finally, the repair and remediation process can begin. They can help clean up dust and debris and repair access holes in this step. This last step is not included in the poly-b replacement quote but is something the company can add for homeowners needing it. Learn more about the procedure of poly-b pipe replacement.

Contact Always Plumbing and Heating Ltd. today to request a quote for poly-b replacement in your home.




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